Bagless vacuum cleaners

The new bagless extra powerful vacuum cleaners ETA will be highly useful especially for people with allergies. The advantage of bagless vacuum cleaners lies in the highly efficient filtration, perfect suction power and moreover, you don't have to bother yourself with changing and buying new dust bags.

However, the list of advantages is not over yet - The vacuum cleaners ETA always offers something more. The bagless vacuum cleaner Andare Animal contains a turbo brush for effective cleaning of hair or animal fur from the carpets. Thus, it is an ideal solution for households with pets. Another option for households with pets is ETA Salvet Animal. The new bagless vacuum cleaner ETA Stormy includes a parquet brush made of horsehair that will carefully vacuum parquetry and other hard surfaces. Everyone can choose which features appreciate the most.

Get yourself bagless vacuum cleaner - practical and useful helper, which will effectively get rid of the dust.