Blenders & Choppers

The ETA Company makes work easier, thanks to its products for 75 years. Our workers from Hlinsko invented the newest specialist on smoothie and RAW food, in order to take care of our customers, mainly their health. ETA Vital Blend blender will become your indispensable tool for mixing, stirring, chopping or grinding. The mixing bowl, having 2,5 l volume, will be enough for the whole family and several speed adjustments ensures that everyone will prepare smoothie of their choice. Your favourite meal will be prepared in few seconds and you do not have to worry that it will leave somewhere piece of fruit skin or seed, thanks to the extreme amount of rotational speed, which can maximally reach up to 28 000 thousand/minute. The blender ETA Vital Blend can surely process everything.


There is also a book included and it is full of interesting recipes, which you can make quickly and easily in just a few seconds with the ETA blenders. A stamper is also included in the packaging and you can press the food on knives, therefore the blending is even. There is an ideal choice for athletes, which is ETA ActivMix sport blender. You can make protein shakes, smoothies, milk shakes and many more in a short period of time. There are 2 big bottles, whose volume is 0,6l, made from maximally resistant tritan, which is ecologically friendly, is suitable for athletes.


Start living healthy with the ETA mixers and start your day with nutritious breakfast rich in vitamins.