Window cleaners

Are you constantly delaying cleaning of the windows, because you know how tedious it can be? Now it is all-different. You do not have to worry that you will have to polish or that there will be any smudges left, after cleaning the windows with the practical ETA window cleaners.  The nature of these appliances is based on suction of surplus moisture, cleaning stuff and dirt. Its minimum weight, thanks to which you can handle to clean the windows above your head without any problems, facilitates easy and comfortable manipulation.

The top product in this category is windows cleaner ETA Finestro. Ergonomically shaped handrail and omniscient cable ensures totally safe usage, also at highly placed areas. It is possible to use it not only as a window cleaner, but also for cleaning shower cabinet, tiles, mirrors etc. Width of the cleaning area is approximately 28 cm, so you can clean the window just with a few moves and it is all done.

Make your work easier and do not unnecessary stress yourself before the holidays or a visit. Utilize this smart solution for smart people.

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