Air purifier

Who wouldn’t wish clean and fresh air? With the ETA air purifier, you can enjoy cleaner air without dust particles and allergens. Thanks to its excellent filtration level it removes small particles of dust and pollen from the air at home, captures unwanted odours and animal hair, destroys bacteria and various kinds of viruses. Overall, it lowers dustiness and similarly to air humidifiers it has beneficial influence over one’s health. It is suitable for people with allergies as well as for households with children or pets. Besides, it can be useful in offices and schools as well.

The air purifier ETA Ventum fights against the unwanted allergens, pollens and other micro particles. The highly efficient HEPA filter 4in1 - combines the carbon HEPA FILTER, glass fibre filter and nylon pre-filter ensure the filtration quality. The pollution sensor automatically checks the air purity and adjusts the cleaning speed accordingly. If you want to take the air in your home to perfection, you can use the air sterilization and disinfection function with UV technology and the photocatalysis function.

The air purifiers ETA are highly efficient and quiet partners, which brings the term well-being into the new dimension.  ​​​​​​