Coffee makers, grinders

Are you looking for easy and comfort solution how to assure regular supply of delicious coffee? Coffee makers ETA prepare a cup of coffee of your taste just at your home or office. Coffee maker ETA Inesto is master of traditional drip coffee. Moreover, it keeps the coffee warm for 40 minutes. It helps you also with the lack of time as it prepares the coffee very quickly. Quick can be the preparation of espresso as well. Automatic coffee maker ETA Nero contains coffee grinder, hence, it grinds the coffee beans at first and then prepares an exclusive coffee just like from your favorite coffeehouse. All of this happens in one click.

However, if you want to prepare the coffee just by yourself, you will be thrilled by espresso coffee maker ETA Stretto in an elegant slim design, which fits into every kitchen.

For even more aromatic experience you can’t do without a coffee grinder. Coffee grinder ETA Perfetto with two grinding stones keeps the unique aroma and enables you to choose from the 17 degrees of fine grinding.

Make the coffee preparation easier than ever before with ETA Coffee makers – the more time you save, the more relax you can.

The volume of the main container
Container content of unground coffee
Pump pressure
Power consumption coffee mill
Volume pot coffee maker
Wattage coffeemaker
The volume of the water tank
Power consumption espresso