Coffee makers, grinders

There is nothing better for coffee lovers than amazing aromatic coffee. You will not handle to imagine your mornings without a good quality coffee. Prepare coffee like a professional with the ETA coffee makers. Traditional brewed coffee is one of the most widespread home prepared coffee all around the world. You can prepare a coffee that will start your day like never before, with the new ETA Inesto coffee maker. The reheating function, which the coffee maker has, keeps the coffee hot up to 40 minutes. Maximally easy operation ensures quick coffee preparation in the situations, when you have a lack of time.


It manages not only to make coffee, but also to grind it. The ETA coffee grinder, containing hard grinding stones, keeps the coffee its tasty aroma and thanks to six grades of fineness, you can grind the coffee as you want. Moreover, the coffee is not burned and the noisiness rapidly decreases, because of the hard stones. As we were creating the coffee maker, we were also thinking about storing it, that is why there is a space for power cord situated on the back of the device.


Prepare your coffee traditionally, just like you love it.

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