Poppy mill ETA 0029 95000

SKU: ETA002995000
Poppy grinder - the function of your food processor can by extended by a poppy grinder. Set for ETA 0029 Centrino.
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Poppy seed grinder - supplementary device to the ETA Centrino food processor for its wider application.

Technical parameters


Poppy seed grinder

* Stainless grinding stones
* Hopper volume up to 150 g of poppy seed
* Possible adjustment of grain size
* Very quick and high-quality processing of poppy seed
* Simple and quick assembly
* Easily washable surface, possible disassembly of the grinder to easy cleaning
* High operation safety
* The accessory covers gear box, special shaft, lid
* Supplementary devices to the ETA 0029 Centrino food processor

Accessory type: grinder

Size of product:
Width: 0.0 cm
Height: 0.0 cm
Depth: 0.0 cm
Weight: 1.03 kg

Size of package:
Width: 33.5 cm
Height: 15.0 cm
Depth: 23.0 cm
Weight: 1.53 kg