Curling irons

You can create a hairstyle, which will love everyone around you, with the newest ETA airstylers and curling irons. Your hair will never look prettier and so voluminous. Electric energy consumption of 1000 W works quicker than ever before and you do not have to stress that you will be late for some meeting. You will love the simple operation, easy maintenance and modern design. You can create the hairstyles, which most men will love, in just a few seconds.


Blowing airstyler ETA Rosalia disposes with two brushes, which will help to create hairstyle according to your imagination. It is a perfect combination of curling iron and hairdryer, which saves not only your time, but also your money. Several speed blowing options and temperature degrees, including quick cooling button, is there for your hairstyle to keep its shape, even in bad conditions. Different colourful combinations and hanger, so that you have the curling iron within reach, are just few examples of perfection of this appliance. A rotational curling iron ETA Fenité is a newcomer. You can adjust both the speed of flowing and air temperature. Ionization function allows you to regulate curling and prevents making of static charge in the hair.


Give your hairstyle breath of Hollywood stars with the new ETA airstylers.