Deep friers & Grills

Crispy fries, which will taste like your favourite restaurant fries, will be fried to golden brown colour and ready to be served in the elegant ETA fryers. There is a possibility to remove all of its parts (except electric panel) and you can wash each part separately in the dishwasher. The ETA Company provides extended warranty of 3 years on heating bodies of these products. It is the end of redundant and unhealthy oil and leftovers burning. Cold zone, which is placed under heating body, prevents from these common problems of the fryers, therefore it multiply increases lifetime of the oil and your meals will remain always wonderful.


Simple, yet original design of the fryer, which contains practical small window placed at the lid, together with a heat-insulated handrail adds modern and futuristic appearance to the ETA Fricool fryer. Removable bin with non-stick surface, which can carry even 3 litres of oil, is the right choice for juicy and crunchy meals. Odor filter prevents formation of unpleasant oily odor and your household will smell like a freshly fried schnitzel. You will prepare meal, just like you imagined thanks to the temperature regulation on the thermostat.   


Enjoy a delight from good food easily and quickly with stylish ETA fryers.

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