Electric kettles

ETA kettles constantly hit top places of selling ranks on the Heureka.cz portal and obtain the highest customer rating in this category. For example, ETA ELA kettle, whose design has many colorful trendy looks, has been awarded with the title Product of the year for several years in a row.

We follow trends in the kitchen manufactory and try to adapt our product portfolio to the color tones, which are popular and trendy nowadays. Therefore, anyone can choose a kettle from us, which will completely satisfy his requirements on design, as well as functionality. We offer glass kettles ETA Crystela and also favorite kettles ETA Isabela or ETA Elektra, with the possibility to regulate the temperature. Thanks to the quality material and easy maintanance will our products remain in a great condition and will look like they are new even during long-term use.

Enjoy perfect cup of tea or amazing coffee quickly and stylishly with the ETA kettles.