Electric pots

We created a solution, which will allow you to bake, roast or cook to everyone in small or big kitchens, cottages, on a vacation, and all of this without increased energy spending. You can save up to 80 % of energy, compared to the classical electric oven. What is the most important - you only need a single appliance! Electric baking pan ETA Pečenka.

We offer the ETA Pečenka pan in three designs, so that everyone can choose. Do you have a smaller household? Then Pečenka Mini is the right for you. It will take care of most of the other appliace´s functions and will not occupy a lot of space. ETA Pečenka Klasik is ideal for families with children. It is a traditional model of baking pot, which gathers successes for many years in the Czech and Slovak households. ETA Pečenka MAX can handle more types of delicious meals, thanks to its diverse attachment. Create a tasty bundt cakes, but you can also grill and prepare favorite brochette. Baking pot Pečenka will become indispensable part of your culinary life. Another multifunctional helper is a pressure cooker ETA Tauro which provides up to 8 functions in one appliance.

The baking pot ETA Pečenka will become indispensable part of your kitchen that you can take everywhere with you.


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