Microwave oven ETA Galateo 1210 90010

Product code: ETA121090010
Elegant microwave oven with a digital display, and an automatic cleaning function.


Your stomach is starving and you're just starting to think about what to make? With the ETA Galateo microwave oven , you are just minutes away from hot food. Whether you are warming up semi-finished products, defrosting stored stocks, or experimenting with an automatic cooking program, you will love the lightness and speed with which cooking works in this microwave oven.

Ride the fast-food wave
On the clear control panel, you can easily set all the parameters so that the result is exactly according to your imaginations. The microwave power offers you 5 different power levels - the maximum reaches up to 700 W.

Using the timer, you simply select the desired heating time, up to 95 minutes. Press the START button, and without further adjustment, you start fast heating for 30 seconds.

The evenly distributed microwave system, together with the glass rotary table, prevents some parts of the food from remaining unheated. Equally reliable is the practical defrost function, which offers settings according to the weight of the loaded food or according to a time you specify.

With pre-set automatic cooking programs, you can easily cook potatoes or fish, bake pizza or prepare popcorn in a flash. You will find help in the enclosed instructions.

A helper that will make your life easier
The interior of the ETA Galateo microwave oven is illuminated for a better overview and control of food preparation. The expiration of the set time is accompanied by a sound signal.

The digital LCD display serves as a clock when not in use. However, you can turn it off by activating the ECO mode - to save energy, the display simply turns off.

For easier maintenance, the oven is also equipped with the EASY CLEAN automatic cleaning mode, which disinfects the interior and thus prevents the growth of bacteria.

Security is guaranteed
The microwave features a safety system that switches off automatically if you open the door. If the door is opened, the oven will automatically stop operating. The child lock function also gives you an increased sense of security, which prevents accidental start-up after 1 minute of inactivity. Deactivation works by opening and closing the door.

In addition, the modern design with rounded lines makes the ETA Galateo microwave oven an impressive design accessory that will stand out in any kitchen. An elegant feature that is also very practical is the distinctive handle for easy door opening.


Microwave oven

  • Digitally controlled microwave oven
  • Convenient display with time indicator
  • Accurate setting of cooking time is ensured thanks to an electronic control
  • Microwave power 700 W
  • Inside capacity 20 l
  • Input 1200 W
  • Acoustic noise level 55 dB(A) re1pW

Oven functions:
  • defrosting (according to weight; time)
  • reheating
  • cooking

Further specification
  • Automatic cleaning function and disinfection EASY CLEAN
  • 5 levels of microwave power, 3 modes of defrosting
  • 6 optional programmes with automatic microwave power and cooking time setting (e.g., milk/coffee, potatoes, fish, etc.)
  • Even microwave spreading system
  • Kids safety fuse against unwanted shut on
  • Glass rotary plate of 245 mm diameter
  • Safety system ensures automatic shut-off after opening the door
  • Timer up to 95 minutes + kitchen minute timer function
  • Lighting of the inside space for easy control of the cooking process
  • Sound signalization of setting and finishing heating
  • Door opens thanks to the handle

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package:
  • Weight 12
  • Depth 39
  • Height 29
  • Width 49
  • Size of product:
  • Weight 10.840
  • Depth 35.500
  • Height 26.500
  • Width 46
  • Nezařazeno:
  • Display LCD
  • Depth 35 cm
  • Control electronic-button
  • Diameter of revolving plate 24.5 cm
  • Number of programs 6
  • Material of interior space lacquered
  • Clock Yes
  • Antibacterial inner space No
  • Width 46 cm
  • Height from 26.5 cm
  • Noise 55 dB
  • Opening the door classic
  • Quality mark dTest No
  • Turntable Yes
  • Retro No
  • Without turntable No
  • Funkce:
  • Grill No
  • Steam cooking No
  • Convection No
  • Baking bread No
  • Crisp system No
  • Preset programs Yes
  • Automatic defrosting No
  • Defrosting Yes
  • No grill Yes
  • Výkon mikrovln:
  • Microwave power 700 W
  • Power hot air 0 W
  • Grill power 0 W
  • Number of levels of performance 5
  • Obecné informace:
  • Type freestanding
  • Internal volume 20 l
  • Distribuce:
  • Color black
  • Extended brand warranty No