American fridge ETA 138890010E, side by side

Product code: ETA138890010E
American-style combined fridge in A+ energy class, with a total capacity of 436 L, NO FROST system.


The American-style side by side combination fridge ETA138890010E offers a total capacity of 436 litres - keeping a large amount of food for the whole family. With NO FROST technology when the air circulates in the appliance - you don't have to spend hours manually defrosting the walls. Due to its consumption it belongs to the A+ energy class. The overall design is embellished with recessed handles and thanks to fingerprint protection the refrigerator will not need to be polished constantly.

The fridge will be comfortably controlled with a clear LED display where you can set the desired values. With the separate touch control the cooling and freezing modes can be set separately. You will also have preset operation modes (SMART, ECO, SUPER FREEZING, SUPER COOLING) available to help you operate your appliance in certain situations. The illumination of the interior of the fridge is provided by LED lighting which is 90% more economical than a conventional bulb - it does not create undesirable heat and does not disturb the set indoor climate.

The freezing capacity of the ETA refrigerator is 10 kg / 24 hrs - that is, the refrigerator is able to freeze 10 kg of loaded food in 24 hours to the temperature set inside the freezer compartment. In a sudden power failure, the refrigerator can store food for up to 10 hours at a safe temperature. The refrigerator and freezer compartment is equipped with glass shelves, transparent drawers and door shelves. If necessary, the door seal can be easily replaced.

Energy efficiency is enhanced by a modern compressor that ensures steady running and low noise levels of the appliance, which is only 43 dB , so you won't be disturbed by its operation. With electronic control, the temperature inside the refrigerator is sensed and the compressor operation is adjusted accordingly. As a result, the operation of the refrigerator is more economical and the service life of the compressor is significantly increased.


American-style side-by-side refrigerator, NO FROST system (frost-free technology)

  • Electronic temperature control with LED display
  • Separate touch control of cooling and freezing compartments
  • Several preset operating modes for easier operation
  • Recessed handles
  • Internal LED lighting
  • A+ energy class
  • Power consumption (kWh/year): 365
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 177 x 90.5 x 59.5 cm
  • Weight: 83 kg
  • Freezing level: ****
  • Climatic class: SN, N, ST
  • Freezing capacity: 10 kg / 24 hrs
  • Blackout autonomy: 10 hrs
  • Noise level: 43 dB
  • Refrigerator / freezer utility volume: 291 L / 145 L
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Glass shelves, transparent drawers, transparent door compartments, easy-to-replace door seals
  • Colour: stainless steel (with anti-fingerprint finish)

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package:
  • Weight 89
  • Depth 63
  • Height 186.200
  • Width 97.200
  • Size of product:
  • Weight 81
  • Depth 59.500
  • Height 177
  • Width 90.500
  • Nezařazeno:
  • Antibacterial treatment No
  • Changing the door opening No
  • Noises in cooling 39 dB
  • The color of the refrigerator stainless steel, Inoxlook
  • Height refrigerator 177 cm
  • Width refrigerators 90.5 cm
  • SMART Yes
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Bottle holder No
  • Anti-fingerprint protection Yes
  • Retro refrigerator No
  • Depth of the refrigerator 59.5 cm
  • Quality mark dTest No
  • Water connection No
  • Noise class C
  • Without water connection Yes
  • Funkce:
  • Automatic defrost refrigerators and freezers (Frost)
  • Separate control Yes
  • Super cool Yes
  • Super freezing Yes
  • Warning signal Yes
  • Holiday mode No
  • Display external
  • Water dispenser without water dispenser
  • Ice maker without ice maker
  • Klimatické vlastnosti:
  • Fros Yes
  • Storage time during malfunction 10 hrs
  • Star designation freezer compartment ****
  • Climate class ST
  • Climate class N
  • Climate class SN
  • Climate class T
  • Freezing capacity 11 kg/24 h
  • Zero zone (0-3 ° C) No
  • Objemové vlastnosti:
  • Capacity total 442 l
  • Capacity fridge 291 l
  • Capacity freezer 151 l
  • number of separate space in the freezer 2
  • Konstrukce:
  • Performing refrigerators with a freezing space
  • Construction refrigerator Side by side
  • Location of freezer left freezer
  • Build-in location not built-in
  • Spotřeba:
  • Energy consumption 0.786 kWh
  • Energy consumption per year 287 kWh/year
  • Energy class 2021 E
  • Obecné informace:
  • Type freestanding
  • SMART Integrace do systému:
  • Google Home No
  • Amazon Alexa No
  • Own system No
  • Distribuce:
  • Extended brand warranty Yes

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