Steam cleaner ETA 2266 90000 Aquatic

Product code: ETA226690000


Steam mop and handheld cleaner 2in1

  • Can be used as a handheld steam cleaner or a stick steam mop
  • Thanks to hot steam it efficiently disinfects various surfaces and materials, removes dirt, dissolves grease, gets rid of impurities…
  • With the wide range of accessories you can clean floors, carpets, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, radiators, grills, joints, windows, mirrors, upholstery, interiors and car wheels, etc.
  • Ecological and economical cleaning - without the need to use any chemicals
  • considerate towards the surfaces being cleaned
  • Adjustable steam intensity
  • Very fast steam preparation - in 30 seconds
  • Water container capacity: approx. 275ml = steam for up to 15 minutes
  • Automatic system of pumping the water from the tank
  • Possibility to immediately refill water thanks to the removable water tank
  • Anticalc - water filter against build-up of scale deposits
  • Floor nozzle with a detergent container and dispenser
  • Operation signal lights
  • Flexible joint of the mop nozzle
  • Easy use and accessories replacement
  • ON / OFF switch
  • Power cable length approx. 5m
  • Container capacity: approx. 230ml
  • Operating pressure: 1 bar
  • Input power 1200W

A wide range of accessories:
  • Flexible extension hose
  • Concentrating cone nozzle
  • Flat mini-scraper
  • Angled steam nozzle
  • Brush for joints
  • Round nylon brush
  • Round brass brush
  • Wide squeegee for windows and flat surfaces
  • Flat spraying nozzle with a textile sleeve
  • Small mop pad from micro-fibre with an adapter
  • Mopping nozzle with an integrated container
  • 2 mop pads from micro-fibre
  • Attachment for carpet cleaning
  • Removable handle with a fixture for attaching the power cable
  • Storage stand
  • Transparent container for water refilling
  • Cover for storage of smaller accessories

Technical parameters:

  • Weight 3.97 kg
  • Turning head Yes
  • Warm up time 0 -10 min
  • Operating time to 20 min
  • Reservoir volume 0 - 0,3 l
  • Cable length 5 m