Fridge Freezer ETA 237290010, NO FROST

Product code: ETA237290010
NO FROST fridge freezer by the Czech brand ETA, A++ energy rating, XXL box, LED lighting


The elegant ETA2372 fridge freezer in a stainless-steel design will make a lovely addition to any modern kitchen. It features the cutting-edge NO FROST technology. It prevents build-up of ice and frost on food and the inner side of the fridge. On the touch LED display you can check the current temperature. On the display you can also control the operation of the fridge and freezer separately and choose from the pre-set modes of operation. The interior is illuminated with modern LED lighting which saves energy and offers excellent light intensity.

Technology for freshness
There is no need to spend hours on manual defrosting of your fridge. The NO FROST system evenly circulates cold air in the fridge and freezer and prevents the build-up of frost on the walls. This also has a positive impact on the total energy consumption and reduces the noise of the appliance. It not only prevents the build-up of frost on the food and on the fridge walls but also features an odour filter which eliminates odour from the entire fridge. This helps to extend the shelf life of the food and reduce the risk that the taste of food might change.
For ideal food storage, the fridge features a multi-purpose storage box with a stable temperature slightly above the freezing point. The box can be set either to a Fresh zone for storage of meat and fish, or to a Crisper zone for fruit and vegetables. All you need to do is change the position from open to close and vice versa. Your food will thus remain fresh and tasty for a longer time. When the storage box is full you can use the vents in the rear part of the shelf. These ensure air and moisture control, thus increasing the shelf life of the food.

Smart and cost-efficient
The fridge is fitted with modern LED lighting which is 90% more energy-efficient than a classic bulb and also provides much better light intensity thanks to which you can keep a good track of the contents of your fridge. LED lighting also helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the fridge as unlike a classic bulb it does not produce any undesired heat.

Separate control of both sections allows you to set the temperature of the fridge and freezer independently. The conditions for food storage are controlled electronically. The elegant touch control with a LED display is easy and intuitive.
The warning signal indicates if the door is not closed properly which ensures the quality and freshness of your food. In case of a power cut you do not need to worry that your food will go off - the fridge can keep your food cold for up to 15 hours.

The pre-set modes, such as ECO or HOLIDAY, ensure energy-efficiency and performance optimization for various use of the appliance. After a large purchase when you need to freeze a large amount of food, you will surely appreciate the SUPER FREEZING mode. The freezer also features a drink chill mode - your drink will reach an ideal temperature in 30 minutes. This will come in handy especially during hot summer days.


  • fridge freezer, NO FROST system (no frost technology)
  • electronic temperature regulation with a LED display
  • several pre-set modes of operation for easier use (ECO, holiday, super freezing, super cooling)
  • embedded handles
  • internal LED lighting
  • child safety lock
  • separate touch control of the fridge and freezer section
  • cooling of drinks in the freezer section
  • 2 drawers for fruit and vegetables with humidity control
  • individually adjustable area in the fridge - with an option to adjust it as a:
“fresh zone” (zone for storage of fresh meat and fish) or another “crisper” (drawer for fruit and vegetables)
  • A++ energy rating
  • Power consumption a year (kWh/year): 275
  • dimensions (HxWxD): 1868x700x635
  • weight: 77.6 kg
  • freezer performance: ****
  • climate class: T/N
  • freezes up to: 12kg / 24 hours
  • autonomous mode in case of a power cut: 15 hours
  • noise level: 45dB
  • net capacity of the fridge / freezer: 260 litres / 97 litres
  • height-adjustable feet
  • glass shelves, bottle racks, transparent drawers, transparent door compartments, anti-fingerprint surface coating, easy-to-replace door seals,
  • Colour: stainless-steel

Technical parameters:

  • Antibacterial treatment No
  • Automatic defrost refrigerators and freezers (Frost)
  • Fros Yes
  • Storage time during malfunction 15 hrs
  • Energy class A++
  • Star designation freezer compartment ****
  • Climate class N
  • Climate class T
  • Freezing capacity 12 kg/24 h
  • Zero zone (0-3 ° C) Yes
  • Capacity total 357 l
  • Capacity fridge 260 l
  • Capacity freezer 97 l
  • number of separate space in the freezer 3
  • Performing refrigerators s mrazícím prostorem
  • Separate control Yes
  • Energy consumption 0.75 kWh
  • Energy consumption per year 275 kWh/year
  • Super cool Yes
  • Super freezing Yes
  • Type freestanding
  • Construction refrigerator Combined
  • Umístění mrazícího prostoru mraznička dole
  • Build-in location not built-in
  • Changing the door opening Yes
  • Warning signal Yes
  • Water dispenser No
  • Display Yes
  • Ice maker No
  • Noises in cooling 45 dB
  • The color of the refrigerator stainless steel, Inoxlook
  • Height refrigerator 186.8 cm
  • Width refrigerators 70 cm
  • SMART No
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Bottle holder Yes
  • Holiday mode Yes
  • Anti-fingerprint protection Yes
  • Depth of the refrigerator 63.5 cm

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