Combined refrigerator ETA 237790040 Storio retro

Product code: ETA237790040
Retro kombinovaná chladnička s mrazničkou ETA Storio, v úsporné energetické třídě A++, s celkovým objemem 300 l.


ETA237790040 Retro refrigerator from Storio collection
Discover the beauty of a combination of a modern machine in a retro design. Storio products will make every kitchen special with their ageless look. You no longer have to look for any compromise between performance and design.

Appearances can be deceptive
The fridge looks like that of our grandmothers' kitchens, but appearances can be deceptive. Compared to older refrigerators, it will store a large amount of food with low energy costs. It belongs to the A++ energy class.

Refrigerator and freezer capacity
The cooling compartment has a capacity of 216 litres. LED lighting in the refrigerator is 90% more economical compared to a standard bulb, it does not generate undesirable heat and has better luminosity. The internal temperature can be set on the mechanical temperature controller. It is equipped with a ventilator for dynamic cooling. The fridge has variable glass shelves, a fruit and vegetable box and transparent door compartments.
A 84 l freezing compartment keeps your food safe at a safe temperature in case of a power failure for up to 22.15 hours. It can freeze up to 4 kg of food within one day. The freezer compartment is equipped with three transparent shelves.

As silent as a mouse
Energy efficiency is enhanced by a modern compressor that ensures steady running and low noise levels of the appliance, which is only 42 dB, so you won't be definitely disturbed by its operation.

The combined fridge/freezer is 192 cm tall and equipped with height-adjustable feet.

ETA Premium Service
A new owner of this fridge will receive a premium service package that will give you 100% confidence in your new appliance and leave your worries to others. The premium service includes a 5-year extended warranty on the compressor, accelerated service that guarantees the above-standard fast service intervention within 2 business days after reporting the complaint to the customer line. It is available 7 days a week not only for complaint reporting but also for technical support.


Retro combined refrigerator, A++ energy class

  • Refrigerator/freezer usable volume: 216 l / 84 l
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 192 x 59.9 x 62.8
  • Glass shelves
  • Bottle shelf
  • Transparent drawers
  • Transparent door compartments
  • LED indoor lighting
  • Dynamic cooling
  • Energy consumption (kWh/year): 208
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Freezing class: ****
  • Climatic class: ST, N, SN
  • Freezing capacity: 4 kg / 24 hrs
  • Autonomy in the event of a power failure: 22.15 hrs
  • Noise level: 42 dB
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Easy-to-replace door seal
  • Colour: beige
  • 5-year extended warranty on the compressor

Technical parameters:

  • Antibacterial treatment No
  • Automatic defrost refrigerator
  • Fros No
  • Storage time during malfunction 22 hrs
  • Energy class A++
  • Star designation freezer compartment ****
  • Climate class ST
  • Climate class N
  • Climate class SN
  • Freezing capacity 4 kg/24 h
  • Zero zone (0-3 ° C) No
  • Capacity total 300 l
  • Capacity fridge 216 l
  • Capacity freezer 84 l
  • number of separate space in the freezer 3
  • Performing refrigerators s mrazícím prostorem
  • Separate control No
  • Energy consumption 0.57 kWh
  • Energy consumption per year 208 kWh/year
  • Super cool No
  • Super freezing No
  • Type freestanding
  • Construction refrigerator Combined
  • Umístění mrazícího prostoru mraznička dole
  • Build-in location not built-in
  • Changing the door opening No
  • Warning signal No
  • Water dispenser No
  • Display No
  • Ice maker No
  • Noises in cooling 42 dB
  • The color of the refrigerator other
  • Height refrigerator 192 cm
  • Width refrigerators 59.9 cm
  • SMART No
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Bottle holder Yes
  • Holiday mode No
  • Anti-fingerprint protection No
  • Retro refrigerator Yes
  • Depth of the refrigerator 62.8 cm
  • Quality mark dTest No

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