Dishwasher ETA 238190010

Product code: ETA238190010
ETA dishwasher with a capacity of 14 sets of dishes, with an A++ energy rating and a noise level of 44dB. Cutlery tray, 8 wash programmes


The ETA238190010 dishwasher will not let you down. It will easily cope with any dirty dishes. With the DEEP SILENT technology which makes the dishwasher very quiet you can relax without any disturbance while the dishwasher is taking care of your dishes.
It can wash 14 sets of dishes using up to 8 pre-set programmes. You can choose from the following programmes: AUTO, intensive, normal, ECO, glass, quick programme, shorter 90 min. programme and pre-washing programme. You can use additional features, such as extra drying, extra cleaning, express function or zone wash. Inside, the dishwasher has a separate cutlery tray and 2 large pull-out trays with foldable plate racks. The upper basket can be adjusted as required.

It is controlled electronically. The integrated panel with a LED display is clearly arranged which makes it really easy to set the required programme. The panel features LED indicators showing the programme selected, as well as a lack of salt or polishing agent. The start of each programme can be delayed by up to 24 hours.
It features a self-cleaning micro-filter which rids the water of any remaining food during the wash cycle, thus ensuring clean water for thorough washing at all times. It also features an overflow protection.

You can choose from two colour finishes. If you fancy the classic white style, you can choose the ETA238090000 in a white design. If you prefer design and elegance, the ETA238190010 stainless-steel model is ideal for you.


  • dishwasher
  • A++ energy rating
  • washing performance A
  • drying performance A
  • capacity: 14 sets of dishes
  • number of programmes: 8 (auto, intensive, normal, ECO, glass, quick programme, 90 min., pre-washing)
  • additional features Extra drying, extra washing, express
  • power consumption a year: 266kWh
  • water consumption a year: 2800 litres
  • control: electronic with a LED display
  • delayed start (1-24 hours)
  • concealed heating element
  • noise level 44dB
  • LED indicators: lack of salt, lack of polishing agent, selected programme indicator
  • cutlery tray
  • zone wash
  • self-cleaning microfilter
  • overflow protection
  • adjustable upper basket
  • foldable plate racks
  • adjustable feet
  • stainless-steel design

Technical parameters:

  • Length standard program 195 min
  • Energy class A++
  • Loading capacity 14 sets
  • Estimated annual energy consumption 266 kWh
  • Estimated annual water consumption 2800 l
  • Delayed start Yes
  • Number of programs 8
  • Energy consumption 0.93 kWh
  • Type freestanding
  • Cleaning efficiency A
  • Drying efficiency A
  • Feature washers indications polishes
  • Feature washers indications salt
  • Feature washers protection against water leakage
  • Cutlery drawer Yes
  • Supply and drain hoses in the package Yes
  • Display Yes
  • Color wash stainless steel, Inoxlook
  • Noise during washing 44 dB
  • Width dishwashers 59.8 cm
  • AquaStop No
  • Automatic door opening No
  • Placement under the worktop Yes

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