Built-in dishwasher ETA 239490001

Product code: ETA239490001
Built-in dishwasher ETA, width 60 cm, A++ energy class, Aquastop system.


The built-in dishwasher ETA 239490001, 59.8cm wide, is made in a modern design and will be the ideal kitchen aid to save your time and energy when washing the dishes. The appliance falls into the A++ energy class, thus it saves your pocket. It is necessary to mention the DEEP SILENT technology thanks to which the dishwasher is extra quiet.

Great helper for every home

The dishwasher washes up to 14 sets of dishes and you can choose from 9 preset programs.
You can choose from these programs - 3in1, AUTO, Intense, Normal, ECO wash, Glass mode, Fast program, 90 min. program and Prewash program.
Highlights include extra drying, 2-zone washing and express washing to save up to 25% of time and total energy.

Simple operation

It is controlled with buttons and individual programs are displayed on the LED display located on the top of the door from the inside.
With LED indicators you will be precisely informed about the lack of salt or lack of polishing agent and about the selected program.

Inner equipment
Inside, there are 2 large baskets, a height-adjustable top basket, hinged shelves for plates and a separate variable cutlery drawer.

Other benefits include an overflow protection to protect your kitchen from water leakage caused by a dishwasher breakdown, as well as the Aquastop system to prevent the kitchen from flooding when the inlet hose fails.


Built-in dishwasher 60cm

  • A++ energy class
  • Capacity: 14 sets of dishes
  • Number of programs: 9 (3in1, Auto, Intense, Normal, ECO wash, Glass, Fast program, 90 min, Prewash)
  • Additional features: Express and Extra drying
  • Energy consumption per year: 266 kWh
  • Water consumption per year: 2800 l
  • Control: electronic with LED display
  • Delayed start (1-24 hours)
  • Noise level 44dB
  • LED indicators: lack of salt, lack of polishing agent, indicator of a selected program
  • Overflow protection
  • Variable cutlery drawer
  • 2-zone washing
  • Self-cleaning microfilter
  • 3 spraying planes, height-adjustable top basket, hinged shelves for plates
  • Aquastop system

Technical parameters:

  • Length standard program 195 min
  • Energy class A++
  • Loading capacity 14 sets
  • Estimated annual energy consumption 266 kWh
  • Estimated annual water consumption 2800 l
  • Delayed start Yes
  • Number of programs 9
  • Number of temperatures 6
  • Energy consumption 0.93 kWh
  • Water consumption 10 l
  • Type built-in
  • Cleaning efficiency A
  • Drying efficiency A
  • Feature washers indications polishes
  • Feature washers indications salt
  • Feature washers protection against water leakage
  • Construction recessed dishwasher Fully integrated
  • Cutlery drawer Yes
  • Supply and drain hoses in the package Yes
  • Display Yes
  • Noise during washing 44 dB
  • Width dishwashers 59.8 cm
  • AquaStop Yes
  • Number of spray arms 3
  • Suitable for IKEA METOD kitchens No
  • Automatic door opening No
  • Time projection on floor No
  • Ray on floor No
  • ComforLift No

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