Refrigerator, two door ETA 254790010E

Product code: ETA254790010E
2-door refrigerator with a freezer on top. Energy class E, volume 206 L. Premium ETA service.


2-door refrigerator ETA254790010E in elegant stainless-steel design belongs to the energy-efficient class E. The cooling space with a volume of 169 liters is divided with 3 tempered glass shelves, which are height-adjustable. There is also a box for vegetables and fruits at the bottom. The refrigerator uses traditional static cooling and the temperature can be regulated using an adjustable thermostat. The freezing area is divided by a grid and has a total volume of 37 liters. The interior is illuminated by a modern LED light, which not only saves energy but also has excellent brightness.

Smart and economical
The refrigerator is equipped with modern LED lighting, which is 90 % more economical than a common light bulb and, in addition, is characterized by much better luminosity, thanks to which you will have a much greater overview of the content of the refrigerator. LED lighting also contributes to the stability of the temperature inside, because it doesn´t generate unwanted heat, unlike the common light bulb.

In the case of a power blackout, you do not have to worry about losing your food - the refrigerator is able to maintain the temperature for 13.5 hours.




  • Elegant recessed handles
  • Safety glass shelves
  • Adjustable door shelves where you can easily fit even 2-litre bottles
  • Convenient ice cube tray

  • Energy class E
  • Product dimensions: 54.5 cm (w) x 142.6 cm (h) x 55.5 cm (d)
  • Total utility volume 205 L (fridge 169 L / freezer 37 L)
  • Energy consumption (kWh/year): 172
  • Climate class N, ST, freezing level ****
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Possibility to change door opening side
  • Easy-to-replace door seals
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Blackout autonomy: 13.5 hours
  • Freezing capacity 2.4 kg (24 hours)
  • Very low noise level 40 dB

Technical parameters:

  • Antibacterial treatment No
  • Automatic defrost refrigerator
  • Fros No
  • Storage time during malfunction 14 hrs
  • Star designation freezer compartment ****
  • Climate class ST
  • Climate class N
  • Freezing capacity 2.4 kg/24 h
  • Zero zone (0-3 ° C) No
  • Capacity total 206 l
  • Capacity fridge 169 l
  • Capacity freezer 37 l
  • number of separate space in the freezer 1
  • Performing refrigerators with a freezing space
  • Separate control No
  • Energy consumption 0.471 kWh
  • Energy consumption per year 172 kWh/year
  • Super cool No
  • Super freezing No
  • Type freestanding
  • Construction refrigerator Combined
  • Location of freezer up freezer
  • Build-in location not built-in
  • Changing the door opening Yes
  • Warning signal No
  • Noises in cooling 40 dB
  • The color of the refrigerator stainless steel, Inoxlook
  • Height refrigerator 142.6 cm
  • Width refrigerators 54.5 cm
  • SMART No
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Bottle holder No
  • Holiday mode No
  • Anti-fingerprint protection Yes
  • Retro refrigerator No
  • Depth of the refrigerator 55.5 cm
  • Water connection No
  • Google Home No
  • Amazon Alexa No
  • Own system No
  • Energy class 2021 E
  • Noise class C
  • Without water connection Yes
  • Extended brand warranty Yes
  • Display without display
  • Water dispenser without water dispenser
  • Ice maker without ice maker

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