Freezer ETA 337690000D, chest

Product code: ETA337690000D
Spacious chest freezer in A+++ energy class.


The ETA3376 is a spacious chest freezer with a large capacity for food freezing. You will surely appreciate its extremely low consumption. The freezer is rated A+++ for energy efficiency, also thanks to the D-QUICK FREEZING system which increases the freezing performance. To ensure that the freezer maintains the correct temperature it is equipped with a high temperature alarm.
The interior is illuminated with modern LED lighting which saves energy and offers excellent light intensity. The freezer lid is equipped with a counter-balance lid system and soundproof lid hinges. The internal capacity is 201 litres. You can use 2 wire baskets which are hung inside the freezer.

Smart and cost-efficient
The freezer is fitted with modern LED lighting which is 90% more energy-efficient than a classic bulb and also provides much better light intensity thanks to which you can keep a good track of the contents of your freezer. LED lighting also helps to maintain a constant temperature inside as unlike a classic bulb it does not produce any undesired heat.
In case of a power cut you do not need to worry that your food will go off - the freezer can keep your food fully frozen for up to 3 days!


Freezer ETA 337690000D

  • Chest freezer, A+++ energy rating
  • Counter-balance lid system
  • Soundproof lid hinges
  • D+ quick freezing system
  • LED lights
  • External handle with a lock
  • High temperature alarm
  • Freezing level ****
  • Freezes up to 9.0kg / 24 hours
  • Climate class: N / SN / ST / T
  • Power consumption: 116.0 kWh/year
  • Product dimensions (HxWxD): 85 x 94.5 x 69.6 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Total net capacity: 201 L
  • Noise: 41dB
  • Blackout autonomy: 71 hours
  • Thermostat control
  • Easy-to-replace door seals
  • 1 wire basket, white colour

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package
  • Weight: 47.00 kg
  • Depth: 76.0 cm
  • Height: 88.5 cm
  • Width: 98.5 cm
  • Size of product
  • Weight: 42.00 kg
  • Depth: 69.6 cm
  • Height: 85.0 cm
  • Width: 94.5 cm
  • Klimatické vlastnosti
  • Fros: No
  • Storage time during malfunction: 43 hrs
  • Climate class: ST
  • Climate class: N
  • Climate class: SN
  • Climate class: T
  • Freezing capacity: 9 kg/24 h
  • Objemové vlastnosti
  • Capacity freezer: 200 l
  • Spotřeba
  • Energy consumption: 0.438 kWh
  • Energy consumption per year: 160 kWh/year
  • Energy class 2021: D
  • Funkce
  • Super freezing: Yes
  • Warning signal: Yes
  • Obecné informace
  • Type: freestanding
  • Konstrukce
  • Build-in location: not built-in
  • Construction freezers: Countertop
  • Nezařazeno
  • Changing the door opening: No
  • Display: No
  • Height freezers: 85 cm
  • Width freezer: 94.5 cm
  • Type of lighting: LED
  • Noise class: C
  • Freezer depth: 69.6 cm
  • Doplňující vlastnosti
  • Number of baskets: 2
  • Noise in the freezer: 41 dB
  • Distribuce
  • Extended brand warranty: No

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