Electric kettle ETA Alena 3590 90000

Product code: ETA359090000
The ETA Alena electric kettle with an elegant stainless-steel styling makes a great addition to any home.


The stainless-steel kettle with input power of 2200W and a capacity of 1.7 l is suitable for modern as well as retro-design kitchens. It has an automatic system which switches the kettle off when it reaches the boiling point and a safety system which activates the safeguard if there is a risk of overheating the kettle or if there is no water in the kettle.

There is a water level indicator at the rear side of the kettle indicating the amount of water in the kettle. You can also find the lid opening button there. At the bottom part there is a light indicator which indicates when heating is on.
The kettle also features an easily removable and washable filter which prevents build-up of scale deposits.


Stainless-steel electric kettle

  • Input power: 2200 W
  • Capacity: 1.7 l
  • Automatic switch OFF system when the boiling point is reached for convenient operation
  • Double safety system which activates the safeguard when there is a risk of overheating or if there is no water in the kettle
  • The heating element concealed under the flat stainless-steel bottom makes maintenance really easy
  • With the centre connector, the kettle can be easily positioned on the base
  • With the water level indicator in the rear part of the kettle you can check the current water level
  • Light indicator indicating when the kettle is ON
  • Easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean filtering sieve preventing build-up of scale deposits
  • The lid is easily opened with the button in the handle
  • Storage space in the base for the supply cable which makes it possible to adjust the length of the cable as required

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package
  • Weight: 1.15 kg
  • Depth: 18.0 cm
  • Height: 22.5 cm
  • Width: 20.0 cm
  • Size of product
  • Weight: 0.92 kg
  • Depth: 16.5 cm
  • Height: 23.0 cm
  • Width: 21.5 cm
  • Nezařazeno
  • Base: center connector - 360 °
  • Temperature regulation: No
  • Water quantity indicator: Yes
  • Thermometer: No
  • Type of heating: hidden heating spiral - flat bottom
  • Travel: No
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Color: stainless steel
  • Volume kettle: 1.7 l
  • Wattage kettles: 2200 W
  • Retro: No
  • Digital temperature indicator: No
  • Double-layer design: No