Meat mincer ETA 2075 90020 Ambo

Product code: ETA207590020
Practical and powerful meat mincer ETA Ambo with useful appliances for making Kebbe and home-made sausages.


Meat mincer ETA Ambo is suitable for mincing any type of meat. Thanks to the power up to 1300 W, the mincing is fast and effective. It helps you make Kebbe and home-made sausages.

Very useful function is REVERS - reverse operation. A firm stainless mincing knife and plates promise long lifetime period.

Two steel plates (for fine and coarse mincing), attachment for making sausages and for Kebbe are included in the package.

There is a practical space for storing smaller components in one place.

Function of the meat mincer can be extended by another accessories, which can be bought separately.


AMBO Meat mincer

  • Perfect and fast mincing of any type of meat or fish
  • Production of sausages, hot dogs, white puddding, black pudding and another smoked products
  • Power up to 1300 W
  • Easy and fast assembly of accessories
  • Light signalisation of operation
  • Firm stainless mincing knife (and plates)
  • REVERS function
  • Very quiet operation and easy maintenance
  • Possibility of washing its plastic parts in a dishwasher
  • Space for power cord
  • Power cord length: 1,2 m
  • Meat mincer with the diameter of 54 mm

  • two steel plates with the diameter of 54 mm for different types of mincing: fine (4 mm) or coarse (8 mm)
  • firm, self-sharpening knife with four blades and the diameter of 46 mm for long-lasting perfect result
  • metallic feeder resitant against wearing with integrated stripping, which prevents seeping of the liquid from the meat
  • plastic attachment with the diameter of 19 mm for making traditional smoked products (e.g. sausages, hot dogs, white and black pudding)
  • plastic attachment in the diameter of 30 mm for making Kebbe meat balls
  • big plastic hopper with the diameter of 172 x 222 mm, which enables easy filling
  • multi-purpose stuffer with integrated space for storing components
  • mechanic lock, which prevents damage in case of blocked feeder

Accessories, which can be bought
  • Poppy grinder; ETA002896000
  • Attachment for grating; ETA 002895020
  • Trenette slicer; ETA002892000
  • Tagliatelle slicer; ETA00283000
  • Attachment for dough; ETA002894000

Technical parameters:

  • Reverse Yes
  • Adapter coarse grinding
  • Adapter fine milling
  • Adapter filling of sausages
  • Adapter meat balls
  • Power mincer 1300 W