Vacuum cleaner ETA Aqualio 1448 90000

Product code: ETA144890000
Stick and hand-operated vacuum cleaner 2in1 with the pentALLERGIC 5-level filtration system and patented water filtration system for your perfectly clean home.


The unique ETA Aqualio ETA144890000 vacuum cleaner is a stick and hand-operated vacuum cleaner in one. You can use it to vacuum larger surfaces, high or hard-to-reach areas, such as window sills, crevices, sofas or car interiors.

PentALLERGIC 5-level filtration system
It features a unique water filtration system patented worldwide which absorbs the dirt sucked up and prevents it from being stirred up and returned back to air. The active carbon filter cleans the air and absorbs any undesired odour. The protective netPRO filter catches larger dirt particles. This prevents excessive contamination of the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter can catch even the smallest microparticles of dust. At the end of the filtration process there is a special foam filter. The filtration system filters out more than 99.9% of impurities from the vacuumed air. You can rest assured that your home will be perfectly clean.

Water filtration efficiency
The ETA Aqualio vacuum cleaner was designed especially for homes where very clean environment is required. It will be appreciated especially by sufferers of allergies and families with children or pets.
Regular bagless vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with dustbags stir up dust which gets back into the room when cleaning or replacing the dustbag. Certain part of the dust thus returns back. However, water absorbs dust and locks it. When you finish vacuuming, you simply pour the water away and get rid of all the dirt you have vacuumed.

For an even greater cleaning effect, the Aqualio is equipped with a UV light which disinfects the water container and rids it of bacteria, mites, mould, yeasts and other microorganisms that remain in the container after vacuuming. You can thus store the vacuum cleaner away in a perfectly clean condition and ready for next use.
Furthermore, the container features the 360° motionFREE system which seals the container thoroughly no matter what the movement or angle of vacuuming and prevents the water from overflowing the container.

High-performance assistant
The inside of the vacuum cleaner is fitted with a Li-ion battery which ensures powerful and constant performance for up to 50 minutes. The intelligent charging system saves the battery and, as a result, extends its service life.
Vacuuming comfort is increased by the flexible joint with the TWIST and LED diode rotary system which illuminates the space in front of the vacuum cleaner in darker corners.
The vacuum cleaner comes complete with a rotary turbobrush with direct drive for vacuuming of hard floors and carpets, a crevice nozzle with a removable brush for narrow and hard-to-reach areas and gentle vacuuming and a stand with the charger adapter.


The Aqualio stick and handheld vacuum cleaner 2in1

  • The first vacuum cleaner in its category in the world with a unique water filtration system patented worldwide
* Very efficient 5-level filtration - pentALLERGIC
  • Water filtration eliminates impurities from the air passing through the vacuum cleaner
  • The active carbon filter absorbs any undesired odour.
  • The high-quality HEPA filter catches micro-particles with high efficiency
  • The netPRO protective filter separates larger particles and prevents excessive contamination of the HEPA filter
  • Special foam filter at the end
* The pentALLERGIC system filters out more than 99.9% of impurities
  • The vacuum cleaner is especially suitable for sufferers of allergies
* Unique UV light disinfection kills bacteria and mites, eliminates mould, yeast and micro-organisms
  • Water filtration prevents dust, bacteria and allergens from being released back into the room air
  • Powerful and stable suction power thanks to the Li-ion battery (25.2V)
  • The water container with the 360°motionFREE system fits 100% tightly and prevents the water from overflowing the container during any movement
  • Stick and handheld vacuum cleaner features
* Extra-long time of operation on a single charge of the battery for up to 50 minutes
  • Intelligent charging system saves the battery and ensures its longer service life
  • energy-efficient SILENT mode for a longer time of operation
  • LED diodes to illuminate the space in front of the vacuum cleaner
  • Flexible joint with the TWIST rotary system for easy movement on the floor
  • Extra-large capacity of the dust container of the handheld vacuum cleaner (0.47 litres)
  • Comfortable use thanks to the ergonomic handle
  • Easy control and maintenance
  • Modern and elegant design

  • Power supply 230V AC / 25.2V DC
  • Input power 130W
  • Declared sound power level 83dB(A) re 1pW

  • Water filtration
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon filter
  • netPRO protective filter
  • Foam filter

  • Rotary TURBOBRUSH with direct drive and a flexible joint - it is designed for vacuuming hard floors (linoleum, tiles or floating floors) and low-pile carpets
  • crevice nozzle with a removable brush - suitable for vacuuming narrow and hard-to-reach areas (e.g. in radiator fins, behind furniture, etc.), the brush helps you clean places where you need to get rid of dust or spider-webs with care (furniture, walls, paintings, etc.)
  • Stand for convenient storage
  • Charging adapter

  • Water filter (ETA 1448 00010)
  • Measuring jugs (ETA 1448 00050)
  • Brush (ETA 1448 00070)
  • Hepa filter (ETA 1448 00120)

Technical parameters:

  • The operating time 50 min
  • Noise 83 dB
  • Volume of dust bag or container 0.47 l
  • Energy source cordless (Li-ion)
  • Filter type water filtration
  • Hand and stick vacuum cleaner 2in1 Yes
  • Osvětlení na hubici Yes