Steam cleaner ETA 1263 90000 Aquasim

Product code: ETA126390000
Fast steam, no chemicals! The ETA Aquasim handheld steam cleaner cleans, degreases and disinfects with 1000W output power and 6 pcs of accessories.


The ETA Aquasim ETA126390000 steam cleaner is a small handheld cleaning assistant, useful in any home. Thanks to its size, it is very easy to use and light and with the extended hose you can reach nearly everywhere.


The hot-steam technology puts emphasis on hygiene. With steam you can not only clean and degrease nearly any surface, but also disinfect it. High temperature eliminates bacteria not only on the surface, but also inside porous materials. It eliminates all bacteria and mites and prevents their proliferation. This helps improve the environment especially for more sensitive individuals, such as children, allergic persons or asthmatics. All you need to do then is to wipe it off and your cleaning is done.

100% ECO

water steam cleaning has one big advantage. No chemicals are needed!
This makes cleaning economical - you do not need to buy any products - and eco-friendly - for you, your surroundings and nature.
Your skin will not be dry or irritated as is the case when you do regular cleaning with detergents. When used properly, there is no danger of scalding. The steam cleaner features a cool-touch housing for safe use, a safety switch against unintentional activation of steam and a safety steam valve. It is comfortable and very easy to use.

The capacity of the water container inside the cleaner is 220ml. This capacity is sufficient to ensure non-stop steam production for up to 10 minutes. Steam is ready in no time. You can start cleaning in 3 minutes. Pre-heating is indicated by the indicator light. With the steam pressure of 3 bar it can deal with any dirt, even in less accessible areas.


The steam cleaner comes with a number of attachments which can clean various surfaces. Attach them to the output nozzle. It has a swivel joint which allows you to adjust their movement to less accessible areas.
You can use them when cleaning toilets, radiators, grill racks, joints, windows, mirrors, as well as upholstery or car wheels. You can use it at home or outside in the garden, simply anywhere.

The steam cleaner comes equipped with the following:
Flexible extension hose – reaches even less accessible areas
Concentrating cone nozzle – the basic nozzle which is also used as the base for smaller accessories
Angled steam nozzle – for angled nooks (toilets, washbasins)
Round nylon brush – for dirt on small areas (joints, blinds)
Wide squeegee for windows and mirrors
Flat spraying nozzle with a textile sleeve for upholstery, cushions and clothes.


Handheld steam cleaner

Key advantages of the steam cleaner: - cleans gently (hot steam without any aggressive chemicals and related toxic smell), ecologically(basically, all you need for cleaning is water), economically(you only pay for power and water consumption and do not need to purchase any cleaning agents) and in a multi-purpose way(the wide range of accessories makes it possible to clean different kinds of dirty surfaces).

  • Thanks to hot steam it efficiently disinfects various surfaces and materials, removes dirt, dissolves grease, gets rid of impurities…
  • With the wide range of accessories you can clean bathrooms, sinks, toilets, radiators, grills, joints, windows, mirrors, upholstery, interiors and car wheels, etc.
  • Automatic regulation and steam production control
  • Output nozzle with a swivel joint
  • Fast steam preparation: approx. 3 minutes
  • Container capacity: approx. 220ml = steam for up to 10 minutes
  • Extra-long power cable 5m
  • Pre-heating signal lights
  • Cool-touch housing for safe use during operation
  • Safeguard against unintentional steam activation
  • Safety pressure valve against scalding
  • Easy handling and accessories replacement
  • Operating pressure: 3 bar
  • Input power 1000W

  • Flexible extension hose - with its sufficient length and high flexibility it is suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Concentrating cone nozzle - basic attachment for universal cleaning; it makes it possible to partially extend the operational range and also serves as a basic adapter for attachment of other accessories
  • Angled steam nozzle - to clean hard-to-reach nooks and openings, such as e.g. toilet bowls, washbasins, etc.
  • Round nylon brush - to clean dirt from small areas, such as e.g. bath / shower joints, hobs, blinds, tile joints, etc.
  • Wide squeegee for windows and flat surfaces - especially for windows and various non-/
glass flat surfaces
  • Flat spraying nozzle with a textile sleeve - in combination with the sleeve or without it, you can clean (or slightly iron) upholstered furniture, such as couches, armchairs, cushions or clothes, etc.
  • Transparent water container
  • Funnel for re-filling water

Technical parameters:

  • Warm Up Time 3 min
  • The operating time 10 min
  • Maximum operating pressure 3 bar
  • Volume 0.22 l
  • Power vacuums 1000 W