Vacuum Cleaner ETA Avanto 3519 90000

Product code: ETA351990000
4 AAAA* bag vacuum cleaner with an ECO motor and efficient HEPA filter n.12 is suitable for households with pets.




Bag vacuum cleaner

  • The vacuum cleaner has 4 AAAA (carpet class A, hard floor class A, filtering class A, noise level A)
  • ECO motor with lower input for energy saving and with high vacuuming efficiency
  • Highly efficient filtration thanks to the quality HEPA filter no. 12, two microfilters and a dust bag
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Radius up to 11 m enables you to reach remote places with no need of switching power points
  • Electronic regulation for optimal suction power setting
  • Full dust bag signalisation
  • Space for storage of accessories (crevice nozzle and brush)
  • Protection against motor overheating – actively protects motor from damage
  • Safety fuse against missing dust bag
  • Power cord length 7 m
  • 360 ° rotary wheel for easy rotation into all directions
  • Automatic power cord winding
  • Softened wheels to protect hard floors (p.e. wooden, floating, PVC, vinyl, linoleum, marmoleum etc.)
  • 2x storage position for floor nozzle
  • Horizontal and vertical storage postition
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Exhaust port on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner decrease dust whirling
  • Suction hose connection hole on the upper part of the vaccuum cleaner for comfortable engaging/taking away
  • Connection diameter for accessories 35 mm
  • Extra long hose 250 cm

  • Voltage ~230 V
  • Input 800 W
  • Dust bag space capacity 3 l
  • Claimed acoustic noise level 68 dB(A) re 1pW

  • Quality HEPA filter (no. 12) captures even the smallest microparticles
  • Initial motor protective filter
  • Dust bag ETA HYGIENIC:
  • Large capacity 4 l
  • Highly efficient filtration of even the smallest particles, incl. pollens, mites, etc.
  • High humid resistance and tearing with sharp objects resistance
  • Maximizes suction power time - up to 50 % longer life-time on the contrary to the common dust bags
  • Equipped with hygienic closing which prevents vacuumed filth release and makes replacement easier

  • A universal floor nozzle (switch between hard floor or carpets vacuuming)
  • A turbo brush for efficient carpet vacuuming, effectively cleans hair and pet hair
  • A small turbo brush is suitable for upholstery vacuuming - effectively cleans hair and pet hair
  • Pet hair nozzle
  • Cushion nozzle – carefuly vacuums soft textile surfaces, such as upholstery or cushions
  • Crevice nozzle – suitable for vacuuming narrow and hardly accessible spaces (radiator ribs, behind furniture, etc.)
  • Brush with soft fibre bristles helps to clean places which demand gentle care (on the furniture, walls or pictures, ets.)
  • Metal telescopic tube (90 cm) – height adjustable to the user
  • Dust bag (ETA HYGIENIC)

  • Initial microfilter ETA151900020
  • Hepa filter no. 12 ETA151900090
  • Hose ETA251900200
  • Dust bag (ETA ORIGINAL) - ETA960068000
  • Dust bag (ETA HYGIENIC) - ETA960068010
  • Dust bag (ETA ANTIBACTERIAL) - ETA960068020
  • ETA UniBag starting pack - ETA990068010

Technical parameters:

  • Length of cable 7 m
  • Noise 68 dB
  • Soft rear wheels Yes
  • Volume of dust bag or container 3 l
  • Tube performance metal telescopic
  • Lead automatic winding
  • Type of turbobrush air
  • Vacuuming dry
  • Energy source AC 230V
  • Vacuum accessories brush nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories pillow nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories slot nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories floor / carpet nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories animal hair nozzle
  • Filter type sack
  • Action radius / range 11 m
  • Powering the vacuum cleaner 230 V
  • Filter type HEPA H 12
  • Turbo brush Yes
  • Power vacuums 800 W
  • Function allergy
  • Function other