Electric kettle ETA Bára 0603 90010

Product code: ETA060390010
White-gray electric kettle ETA Bára with 2200 W input and maximum capacity 1,7 l. It features light operating signalization and hidden heating element.


Tasteful electric kettle ETA Bára in white-gray design boils up to 1,7 l of water.

Thanks to the practical watermark on both sides, you can easily identify water level. Light signalisation shows you at first sight, if the kettle is on. Heating element, which is hidden under a stainless bottom, enables simple maintenance.

Plastic design takes care of silent operation and it lowers the risk of burning.


Plastic kettle Bára

  • Power: 2200 W
  • Volume: 1,7 l
  • Automatic shut-off after reaching the boiling point for more comfortable operation
  • Double safety system guaranteess, that safety locks activate after overheating or running idle
  • Heating element, hidden under the flat stainless bottom enables simply maintenance
  • Central connector for easy placing of the kettle in the pedestal
  • Lighting, which signalizes, that the kettle is switched on
  • Thanks to the watermark on both sides, one can easily identify actual water level
  • Easily removable and washable sieve against scale
  • Easy lid opening with the help of the button in the lid
  • Space for the cable in the pedestal enables setting its length as necessary
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the round and easily accessible parts of the kettle
  • Plastic design takes care of silent operation and it lowers the risk of burning

Technical parameters:

  • Weight 1.100
  • Depth 16.500
  • Height 22.500
  • Width 20.500
  • Weight 0.820
  • Depth 16.500
  • Height 23
  • Width 23
  • Base center connector - 360 °
  • Temperature regulation No
  • Water quantity indicator Yes
  • Thermometer No
  • Type of heating hidden heating spiral - flat bottom
  • Travel No
  • Material plastic
  • Color white
  • Color gray
  • Volume kettle 1.7 l
  • Wattage kettles 2200 W
  • Retro No
  • Digital temperature indicator No