Nutri table blender ETA Blendic Premium 4011 90000

Product code: ETA401190000
The ETA Blendic Premium nutri blender with the unique BlendeX blade for a perfectly smooth blend. 1000W, 23,000RPM


Healthy smoothies packed with fibre, vitamins and enzymes. This is what you get with the ETA Blendic Premium ETA401190000 – premium nutri blender with the unique 6-armed stainless-steel serrated BlendeX blade which gives you the perfect smoothie. You can also use it to mix fitness drinks, milk shakes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, crush ice or make crushed ice drinks or ice coffee.

The Blendic premium nutri blender is heavy duty and durable. Its whole body is made from stainless steel. It features anti-slip feet for increased stability and safety during use. With the control buttons featuring the SMOOTHIE and PULS functions you can achieve maximum revolutions. Unlike traditional table blenders, its compact size is of a great advantage. If you are looking for a blender which does not take too much space but still makes delicious smoothies, the ETA Blendic is an obvious choice for you. It weighs mere 2.7kg so you can easily take it with you when travelling.

It is the ideal partner for an active life-style. Whether you are an athlete, follow a healthy life-style or just like to treat yourself to some goodies. You can take your smoothies with you wherever you go. The blender bottle is also used as a drinking bottle. Simply fill the bottle with ingredients, attach it to the blender, mix the ingredients and you can head off. Fast and easy!

Are there more of you? No problem, everyone can have their own smoothie bottle to their liking. The blender comes equipped with a total of 4 bottles - two 500 ml bottles a two 700ml bottles. All of them are made from high-quality and heavy-duty Tritan which does not absorb any smell or taste. You can have 4 different drinks in just a few minutes. Just replace the bottles and mix the ingredients.
When you finish mixing, simply replace the blades for sealing lids by turning them. Each bottle comes with a lid with a convenient closable spout. With the other 2 lids, you can cover the drink completely and let it chill for later use.


Blendic Premium nutri table blender

  • A blender and a portable bottle in one!
  • Ideal for preparation of a variety of fresh fruit, fitness / protein drinks, milkshakes, mixed alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies for nourishment of athletes and persons on various diets or with a healthy lifestyle
  • The blender is also suitable for crushing ice which you will appreciate especially in hot summer days when making your own crushed ice drink or ice coffee
  • It can easily make salsa sauces, baby food, etc.
  • you can take your freshly-made drink wherever you go - to work, to school, to the gym, on the road.
  • 4 portable sports bottles, 2 with a capacity of 0.7L and 2 with a capacity of 0.5L
  • The bottles are made from heavy-duty Tritan (BPA-free) which does not absorb any smell or taste
  • With the slim design the bottle can easily fit in a fridge or car door.
-the size is compatible with integrated drink car holders so you can enjoy healthy drinks also on the road
  • The bottles come with sealing lids with a closable spout (2 full lids to cover and store the container; 4 lids with an opening for easy consumption of drinks and a hanging loop for easy transport)
  • Safeguard against improper assembly of the blender and non-slip feet for maximum safety and stability during use
  • Simply remove the bottle from the blender, unscrew the mixing blades and replace them with the lid, no need to pour anything
  • 3 control buttons for setting various programmes with an auto shut-off function and signal sounds
-"SMOOTHIES” function for making fruit and vegetable shakes
-"PULSE” function for maximum output
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Very fast and easy preparation
  • Easy-to-wash surface (the bottles with the lids are dishwasher-safe)
  • Motor with 1000W input power
  • BlendeX - unique stainless-steel six-armed serrated blade
  • Maximum revolutions: up to 23,000RMP can process the ingredients until very fine consistency is achieved
  • Declared sound power level 85dB(A) re 1pW
  • 0.9m power cable
  • Low weight 2.7kg

Technical parameters:

  • The volume of the main container 0.7 l
  • Number of speed degrees 3
  • Pulse switch Yes
  • Features, accessories crushes ice
  • Features, accessories mixing
  • Material blender jar Tritan
  • Power consumption mixer 1000 W

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