Vacuum cleaner ETA CANTO 1481 90000

Product code: ETA148190000
Because of the extremly high suction power 530 W and ECO engine is vacuum cleaner Canto one of the most powerful vacuum clenaers produced by ETA.



ETA Canto is smart bruiser between our bag vacuum cleaners. It features extreme suction power up to 530 W and due to the efficient motor the consumption is lower by 30% as compared to common vacuum cleaners. Thus within 5 years it will save you approx. CZK 1000, and in addition it is fitted with the anti-noise layers and it is perfectly quiet even with this power.

Have you ever seen a vacuum cleaner, which will save you CZK 1000? Give 5 years to your Canto a the money is yours.. It features power consumption lower by 30% compared to common vacuum cleaners.


Canto is bruiser between the vacuum cleaners - it features suction power of up to 530 W.

The efficient motor features power consumption lower by
30% as compared to common vacuum cleaners and within 5 years you will save approximately CZK 1000.

We have fitted it with 3 anti-noise layers, so it preserved pleasant quiet operation even with such extreme suction power. Surely it will not disturb you.

Metal telescopic tube enables comfort setting of height for user.
Universal floor jet enable vacuum cleaning of all floor types. It is switchable in two positions; for vacuum cleaning of carpets, and after rising of edging brushes also for cleaning of hard smooth floors (linoleum, pavement or float floor).
Small turbo-jet with rotating brush is designed to vacuum cleaning on upholstery. Rotating brush effectively collects human and animal hairs.
Crevice jet is suitable for vacuum cleaning in narrow and hardly accessible places.
Pillow jet mildly vacuum cleans the soft fabric surfaces, such as upholstery and pillows.
Brush with its fine whistles aids with tidying on places, where you need to mildly remove the dust or spider-webs, such as no furniture, walls and pictures.

„As basic shade we have chosen black color - evoking solid impression and fixing rigid shape to the devices.“


Bag vacuum cleaner CANTO

  • ECO motor with lower input for energy savings
  • High suction power
  • Quality helper for households with animals, thanks to special accessory easily removes dirt (eg. fur) after your pets from floors or furniture
  • Easy assembling for quick use
  • Variability of accessories – a wide range of tools and extensions
  • Long radius up to 10 m
  • Power cord length 7 m
  • Connection diameter for accessories 35 mm
  • Practical dimensions and low weight allows easy sotring and easy handling
  • System „Soft start“ for smooth start of vacuum motor does not burden the electricity grid and prolongs the motor lifetime
  • Dust bag full indicator
  • Electronic regulation of suction power
  • Regulation of suction power with a mechanical regulator on the handle of the suction hose
  • Softened wheels to protect hard floors
  • 360° rotary wheel for easy rotation of vacuum cleaner
  • Horizontal and vertical parking position
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Automatic power cord winding
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers thanks to a very efficient filtration
  • Active protection protecting motor against burning
  • Missing bag safety

  • Voltage ~230 V
  • Input 1400 W
  • Suction power up to 530 W
  • Dust bag volume 3 l

  • Very efficient filtration ensured by HEPA filter No. 12
  • 2x micro–filter (suction and exhaust)
  • Patented dust bag Unibag:
– 100 % HYGIENIC: catches more of the fine dust and the smallest particles than regular paper bags
– up to 25 % larger BAG capacity: thanks to the special design
– capacity up to 3 l
– resistant to humidity
– 4 x longer durability than regular paper bags
– maximum resistance to perforation by sharp objects

  • Universal floor nozzle with telescopic brush
  • Small turbo nozzle for textiles
  • Metal telescopic tube
– Metallic telescopic tube allows perfect height adjustment for all users
  • Upholstery nozzle – carefully vacuums soft textile surfaces such as upholstery or pillows
  • Crevice nozzle – suitable for vacuuming narrow and difficult to access places (e.g. radiator ribs, behind furniture etc.)
  • Brush with soft bristles helps to clean places where you need to gently remove dust or spiderwebs (on furniture, walls or paintings)
  • 2 pcs Unibag bags
  • Adapter for Eta Unibag No. 11

  • Universal synthetic dust bag Unibag ETA990068000
  • Hepa filter ETA148100060
  • Suction micro–filter ETA148100030
  • Exhaust micro–filter ETA148100070

Technical parameters:

  • Noise 74 dB
  • Nozzle for hard floors No
  • Soft rear wheels Yes
  • Volume of dust bag or container 3 l
  • Tube execution metal telescopic
  • Lead automatic winding
  • Power control on vacuum cleaners
  • Suction power 530 W
  • Type of turbobrush mini
  • Replacement accessories for purchase Turbo hubice ETA 196790040, Turbo hubice ETA 096990001 (Nero), Hubice na tvrdé podlahy ETA 746800210, Mini příslušenství ETA 097290000, Flexi štěrbinovka ETA 097790000, DermAsist ETA 096690000, Doplňková nádoba MUCK ETA 097190000, Adaptér č.11 ETA 9900870
  • Vacuuming dry
  • Energy source AC 230V
  • Vacuum accessories brush nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories pillow nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories slot nozzle
  • Vacuum accessories floor / carpet nozzle
  • Filter type sack
  • Action radius / range 10 m
  • Powering the vacuum cleaner 230 V
  • Filter type HEPA H 12
  • Turbo brush Yes
  • Power vacuums 1400 W
  • Function other
  • Function domestic animals