Food Processor ETA CENTRINO 0029 90000

Product code: ETA002990000
CENTRINO multi-function food processor stands in for 7 functions. Extensive accessory incl. the citrus juicer can be extended by additional accessories.


This versatile food processor offers high input of
1.000 W and combines 7 functions in one machine. You can use it for kneading, chopping, grating, ice crushing or citrus juicing.

Large working bowl of 3.5 l holds large amounts of food. For comfort or perfect processing of even smaller amounts of food, you can easily reduce its content by inserting the smaller working dish. For filling, you can use the extra large feeding opening. It can also be reduced and provide a smaller opening for your work.

For beating - blending, there is a plastic 1.2l blending dish, for citrus juicing you can use the citrus press which is easily attached to the big working dish.

Two sharp knives - you can use the two sharp knives to chop hard ingredients, the bigger one will manage even crushing ice. The bigger knife is intended for the bigger working bowl, the smaller one for the smaller bowl.

Included you will also find a whisk, kneading hook and 4 pcs. of stainless graters. These can provide 6 functions in total - two of the graters are two-sided and thus offer you other variety of processing food.

The button controls with fluent speed regulation ensures easy control of the appliance.

It is possible to buy additional accessories compatible with this food processor, such as a poppy seed grinder, meat mincer or a fruit press.

All accessories can be washed in a dishwasher.



  • Powerful 1 000 W motor with a stabilizer keeps the revolutions set even under heavy load
  • Fluent speed regulation for desirable speed and intensity of food processing
  • PULSE button for max. revolutions
  • ICE button for cyclic crushing of ice and other hard foods (e.g. coffee beans, nuts)
  • Planetary system of turning the double whisk
  • Safety feature against wrong assembly prevents the motor turning on
  • Safety heat safety turns the appliance off when overloaded to prevent the motor from damage
  • Anti-slip feet for better stability
  • Large opening for fruits with two sizes of stampers
  • All parts washable in a dishwasher
  • Blue-lit buttons
  • Practical, quiet and effective helper
  • Cable storage space
  • Maximum level of acoustic noise is 88 dB(A)
  • Length of the supply cord is 1.4 m

The basic version includes these features:
  • whisking
  • kneading
  • blending
  • chopping
  • ice crushing
  • juicing (juicer for citrus fruits)
  • grating

Extensive accessory:
  • Large working dish of 3.5 l (maximum volume processed is 2 l)
  • Small 0.8 l chopping dish for optimal processing of smaller amounts of food
  • Plastic blending dish of 1.2 l volume
  • 4x stainless grater (2pcs two-sided) - contains 6 functions
  • 2 pcs. of falcate knives
  • Kneading and whisking attachment
  • Juicer for citrus fruits
  • Stamper

Additional attachment (not included)
  • Meat mincer ETA002993000
  • Fruit press ETA002994000
  • Poppy seed grinder ETA002995000
  • Set of attachments ETA002992000 (set of all three above-mentioned accessories)

Technical parameters:

  • The volume of the main container 3.5 l
  • Control mechanical-buttonhole
  • Number of speed degrees 7
  • Infinitely variable speed control No
  • Pulse switch Yes
  • Features and accessories robot kneading
  • Features and accessories robot slicing
  • Features and accessories robot shredding
  • Features and accessories robot blender
  • Features and accessories robot whisking
  • Features and accessories robot citrus press
  • Features and accessories robot cut
  • Planetary mixing system No
  • Power consumption robot 1000 W
  • Material of dishes plastic