1943 - Foundation

On 3rd September 1943, Jan Prošvic, an entrepreneur, founded ESA – an electrical joint-stock company, thus laying the foundation of the production of household electrical appliances in a small town, Hlinsko, Czech Republic, where he started manufacturing electric irons.


Nationalization and incorporation of the Company into the Elektro-Praga concern, which change the name of the Company to Elektro-Praga until 1955.


From 1950 to 1965, the Company operated as Elektro-Praga Hlinsko, a stateowned enterprise.


The production of vacuum cleaners was transferred from Rýnovice to Hlinsko where it soon became the main production programme of the Company. It was historically the first production of vacuum cleaners in the Czech Republic.


The ETA trademark was registered and it is still the best-known trademark for electrical appliances in the Czech Republic.


Stanislav Lachman, a world-famous designer, became the Company’s designer for ETA household electrical appliances.

His most famous designs include a food processor in the shape of a chalice from 1954, a hairdryer in the shape of a laser gun and in 1973, he designed the most controversial iron – ETA 211, with the largest ironing surface in the world at that time.