Stick vacuum cleaner ETA Dasty AquaPlus 3447 90010, white/blue

Product code: ETA344790010
Stick vacuum cleaner 3 in 1 with mop, and hand unit. Li-ion accumulator 14.4 V, quality HEPA filter, and the operating time up to 45 minutes.




Stick and hand-operated vacuum cleaner with mop 3 in 1

  • Combination of stick and hand-operated vacuum cleaner with mop
  • Technology CLICK & CLEAN for easy deployment and removal of the mopping attachment
  • Maximal efficiency of cleaning – vacuums, and mops in one step m
  • Mopping attachment capacity 150 ml = up to 40 m2 of clean floors
  • Cordless operation - accumulator 14.4 V Li-ion
  • Runtime up to 45 minutes for one charge
  • Possibility to add a cleaner
  • 2 suction power levels
  • Cyclone filtration system for improved efficiency
  • Practical LED lights lightening the space in front of the vacuum cleaner
  • Charging time about 4-6 hours
  • Light signalization of charging, charge, and operation
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable operation
  • Practical dimensions, folding handle, and low weight enables simple storage and easy manipulation
  • Simple control and easy maintenance
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Voltage 100-240 V (AC) / 18 V DC
  • Input 95 W
  • Dust container 0.5 L
  • Declared acoustic noise level 80 dB(A) re 1pW
  • Quality HEPA filter captures even the smallest microparticles
  • Rotary turbobrush with direct drive and flexible joint - designed to be used on low hair carpets, parquets, and hard floors (linoleum, tiles, floating floors). Its brush is gentle, and prevents floor from scratching.
  • Mop attachment - specially designed for all kinds of hard floors (wooden, linoleum, vinyl, tiles, parquets, floating floor, etc.)
  • 1x mop pad from microfiber for universal use on hard floors
  • Crevice nozzle – suitable for vacuuming narrow and difficult to access places (radiator ribs, behind the furniture, etc.)
  • Brush with soft bristles helps to clean places which demand gentle care (on the furniture, walls or pictures, etc.)
  • Adapter 100-240 V (AC) / 18 V (DC)
  • Water filler
  • Base for charging and practical storage of the vacuum cleaner and accessories

Technical parameters:

  • Weight 4.760
  • Depth 16
  • Height 70
  • Width 34.500
  • Weight 3.270
  • Depth 21.500
  • Height 120.500
  • Width 27
  • The operating time 45 min
  • Noise 80 dB
  • Volume of dust bag or container 0.5 l
  • Energy source cordless (Li-ion)
  • Filter type without sachets
  • Hand and stick vacuum cleaner 2in1 Yes
  • Nozzle with light Yes
  • Wet cleaning Yes