Bread maker ETA Delicca 7149 90020

Product code: ETA714990020
Our bread maker of high quality bakes a lot of kinds of bread, cooks a jam or helps you with preparing cakes and dough.


The ETA Delicca 7149 90020 home bread maker with its 12 program can prepare various types of bread, cook delicious jam, support preparation of tart bodies or sponged doughs.

It can bake bread of weight up to 1300 g. It can set its size and crust browning at 3 levels, resp. to postpone the preparation start. You can use also the Home-made program enabling prolongation of the bread preparation stages. It can bake also the gluten-free bread with positive effects of the gluten-free diet.

All information are clearly shown on attractive blue-lit LCD display, advantage is 30 min. memory in case of power supply failure. The baking chamber is fitted with non-adhesive surface and it features also kneading hooks. The bread maker input power is 800 W.


Bread maker DELICCA

  • Fully automatic preparation ensures optimal pre-heating, kneading, sufficient rising and quality baking without any need of intervention
  • Multi-purpose use:
a) baking of various kinds of bread (salty, sweet, white, whole-grain or gluten-free)
b) making of various kinds of dough, jams, cakes, pies, cookies, meatloaf, etc.
  • Stylish appliance into your interior due to its elegant stainless steel and plastic parts
  • Maximum volume of the container enables you to prepare food (bread, cake, dough, meatloaf) up to a maximum weight of 1.3 kg
  • Input 800 W

  • 12 preset programs for preparing bread, dough, incl. special program for individual settings of all parameters of your bread maker
  • Optimal processing thanks to pre-set two-phase kneading and three-phase rising
  • 1 pre-settable program for making of jam, marmalade, conserve or compote from fresh fruit. You can make tasty jam or marmalade according to traditional recipes
  • Can set two loaf sizes (small = 0,9 kg, big = 1,3 kg)
  • Choice of three shades of crust (light, medium, dark)

  • Function of delayed start allows you to delay the preparation of bread up to 12 hrs (in 10min. steps). You can prepare ingredients for bread in the evening and serve it fresh in the morning
  • The clock shows time even when the bread maker is switched-off
  • PAUSE function allows for easy suspension of the maker operation to add ingredients or removing the kneading hooks
  • KEEP WARM function for keeping the temperature ensures optimal temperature of the baking space for 60 minutes after the bread baking
  • Sound signal function alerts you about adding your favourite ingredients, end of baking or warming up
  • MEMORY function, in case of blackout, the bread maker will run for 30 min. without changing the setting or interrupting the process
  • Parts washable in a dishwasher

The bread maker features:
  • Foldable lid with integrated view hole allowing to check the bread baking process easily
  • Big blue LCD display with state of baking, which is well visible under all conditions
  • Well arranged control panel with big buttons
  • Mains switch
  • One container with non-adhesive layer to remove the made bread easily
  • the container is equipped with hinged handle for more safe and convenient operation
  • One size of kneading hooks (2 pcs.) with non-adhesive layer ensuring optimal processing of dough thanks to its size and shape
  • Anti-slip feet ensuring good stability on a very slippery surface
  • Accessory: 200ml measuring cup, double-sided measure 5 ml / 15 ml, special small hook to remove the kneading hooks and a cookbook for baking

Optional accessory
  • Baking accessory for four pcs. of French bread

1. Classic - the program is intended for white wheat and brown rye bread and also for bread flavoured with herbs and raisins
2. Whole-grain - the program is intended for baking of whole bread from flour low in gluten. This setting provides longer time for kneading/stirring, rising (i.e. swelling up of the seeds) and preheating
3. Toast - the program is intended for baking of light French bread with a crispy crust and light centre. This setting provides longer time for kneading/stirring and rising necessary to make a “fluffier” texture, which is characteristic for French bread
4. Sprint - the program is intended for quick baking of white, wheat and rye bread.
5. Sweet - the program is intended for baking sweet types of bread with crispier crust
6. Cake - this program is intended for kneading/stirring of ingredients (e.g. for cake, pie) which are then baked for the time set
7. Jam - the program is intended for making jam or marmalade from compote or fresh fruit
8. Dough - the program is intended for kneading/stirring and rising of the dough without baking
9. Ultra fast - The program is intended for quick baking of white, wheat and rye bread. This setting shortens the time necessary for kneading/stirring, rising and baking to minimum
10. Baking - the program is intended for baking of brown bread, cakes or meatloaf
11. Gluten-free – the program is intended for preparation of gluten-free bread and other types of pastry
12. HOME MADE - program designed for individual setting of all stages of bread making (e.g. gluten-free), Christmas bread, meatloaf, “soy” cheese and cheese culture cultivation

Technical parameters:

  • Gluten-free baking Yes
  • Display yes
  • Max. capacity 1300 g
  • Delayed start Yes
  • Number of kneading hooks (in a container) 2
  • Number of programs 12
  • Power 800 W
  • Adjustment of crust tint medium
  • Adjustment of crust tint light
  • Adjustment of crust tint dark
  • Baked baguette No

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