Espresso ETA Delizio 1180 90000 black/stainless steel

Product code: ETA118090000
Lever coffee machine with pressure up to 20 bar, and steam nozzle for milk froth preparation.


Shortcuts are trendy, but the path can also be a goal. The ETA Delizio lever coffee machine respects the classic way of preparing espresso using an aluminum lever, and yet offers very convenient handling. With a little practice, you will really enjoy the coffee ritual - quality ground coffee will be sufficient.

The straightforward ingenious
ETA Delizio lever coffee machine will delight lovers of coffee minimalism. His specialty is a balanced black espresso with a full taste, which no longer needs to be embellished. Its preparation is taken care of by a powerful pump, which develops a pressure of up to 20 bar. The optimum temperature and its rapid reaching are ensured by the high-quality Thermoblock heating system.

The success also lies in the correct compaction of coffee in overpressure stainless steel double-bottomed sieves, which are inserted into the aluminum lever. You can choose from two sizes of strainer - for one or two cups. A practical rammer with a measuring cup is included in the package. You also have the required volume of the resulting coffee in your hands, which you can easily set according to the instructions in the enclosed manual.

Would you like some milk froth?
However, lovers of dairy specialties will also enjoy themselves - the steam jet can handle the preparation of milk froth, and in addition it also serves as a hot water outlet for the so-called lungo or tea preparation.

Safe operation is ensured by an overpressure and thermal safety fuse.

Spice it up with a grinder
The aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee is unmatched. Therefore, always have one of the ETA coffee grinders on hand, which forms an unbeatable team with lever coffee machines.


Lever coffee maker

  • Intended for use of ground coffee
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Aluminium lever, and overpressure stainless-steel double bottom sieve
  • Function of hot water for the preparation of hot drinks
  • The option of 1 or 2 cups of coffee
  • Individual cup size setting
  • Steam nozzle for the milk froth preparation
  • Removable transparent water tank
  • Safe operation thanks to the overpressure and thermal fuse
  • Water system cooling function
  • Plate for comfortable cup warming
  • Water tank 900 ml
  • Input 1633 W
  • Pump pressure max 20 Bar
  • Power cord length 0.75 m
  • Quality plastic construction with stainless steel elements

Accessories included:
  • Rammer with measuring cup
  • 2x stainless steel sieve (for 1 cup, 2 cups)

Technical parameters:

  • Weight 3.910
  • Depth 24.500
  • Height 34.500
  • Width 32.500
  • Weight 3
  • Depth 36
  • Height 28
  • Width 20
  • Grinder No
  • Heated cups Yes
  • Adjusting coffee strength No
  • Adjustable temperature of the coffee No
  • The volume of the water tank 900 l
  • Removable water tank Yes
  • Nozzle for hot water Yes
  • The steam nozzle Yes
  • Type table
  • Milk dispenser No
  • Pump pressure 20 bar
  • Ground coffee Yes
  • Using coffee beans No
  • Cappuccino and Caffe Latte by one press No
  • Adjusting the amount of water yes
  • Using a pod No
  • Color black
  • Color stainless steel
  • Display No
  • Power consumption espresso 1633 W
  • SMART No
  • Use of capsules Capsules can not be used
  • Preparation of two cups at the same time Yes
  • Quality mark dTest No
  • Retro No
  • Performance espresso lever