Multi-purpose pan ETA Festa 0161 90000

Product code: ETA016190000
Multi-purpose electric pan ETA enables fast and healthy preparation of dishes wihout using any fat. Suitable for baking, frying, braising or roasting. Capacity 3 l.


ETA traditional products - electronic pan will be your faithful assistant in the kitchen.

prevents sticking of prepared meals, enables food preparation completely without grease and ensuring simple and quick cleaning.

STRENGTHENED BOTTOM - for uniform transfer of heat along whole pan area.

THERMOSTAT - removable plug thermostat with stepless temperature control.

Light signaling of operation and easy maintenance, incl. possible washing of the components in the dish washer.


Electric pan

  • ETA traditional product
  • Quick and healthy preparation of meals (possible preparation completely grease-less)
  • Multipurpose use - suitable for baking, frying, stewing, caking, boiling etc.
  • Optimum temperature distribution on bottom ensures effective preparation of meals
  • High-quality anti-adhesive surface "nano ceramic" ensures long operation life (no PTFE)
  • Rectangular pan of volume 3l - dimensions:28x28 cm, depth: 4.5 cm
  • Glass lid with stainless rim for easy visual check
  • Removable plug thermostat with stepless 7-level temperature control (max. 200 °C) and optical operation signaling
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Easy maintenance - possible washing in dish washer (except the thermostat)
  • Rubbered handles for safe handling
  • Light operation signaling
  • Anti-slip legs ensure stability on the working desk
  • Input power of 1.200 W

Technical parameters:

  • Timer no
  • Display without display
  • Adjustable temperature yes
  • Function of holding temperature No
  • Function pans fry
  • Function pans scallop
  • Function pans cooks
  • Volume pots/pans 3 l
  • Power consumption pots/pans 1200 W