Robotic vacuum cleaner ETA Fido 1512 90000

Product code: ETA151290000
2in1 robotic floor vacuum cleaner with a mopping function.


Effortless comfortable cleaning
Leave your cleaning to your assistant and enjoy a moment of relaxation. The ETA151290000 Fido robotic floor vacuum cleaner is very quiet so you won't be disturbed when watching TV. The ETA Fido robotic vacuum cleaner not only vacuums but also mops. The equipment includes a water tank that keeps the mopping fabric wet while wiping. As a result, the vacuum cleaner not only vacuums but also cleans the floor surface properly.

It is suitable for cleaning all types of hard floors and carpets with a pile height of up to 10 mm. In everyday use, Fido will keep your household floors clean. With a 14.4V powerful Li-Ion battery, it provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning.

The ETA Fido robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a main brush and two side brushes. The main brush is also suitable for carpet cleaning. Side brushes ensure perfect cleaning in corners. The Fido robotic vacuum cleaner has an intelligent navigation system that ensures optimum cleaning path for all 3 cleaning modes - automatic, for smaller rooms, and along walls. Thanks to the efficient HEPA filter, even the smallest particles are captured. Fido also has a large 500ml dirt container.

Clean when you want
Do you want a robotic vacuum cleaner to work when you are not at home? With the remote control you can program any cleaning time, so the robot will work even if you are not at home!

Obstacles? No problem for FIDO
Do you have threshold strips between your rooms? The ETA Fido robotic vacuum cleaner will handle also these. It can cross over the threshold strips up to the height of 1.5 cm. You will also appreciate that thanks to the height of only 8.2 cm it can also clean under the sofa, bed and other furniture.

Choosing a safe cleaning path
The ETA151290000 Fido robotic vacuum cleaner detects obstacles contactlessly with 14 sensors of the anti-collision system and minimizes collisions. There are also sensors against falling down the stairs.

Do you have fragile things at home? A decorative rug? Define the space for the robot to clean. The unique magnetic wall creates an invisible obstacle thanks to the magnetic field that defines the space for cleaning and the robotic vacuum cleaner does not pass it.

Done, tidy!
Did the ETA Fido robotic vacuum cleaner clean everything you needed? It will find a charging station itself to recharge its battery and get ready for further cleaning. Charging time is approx. 5 hours.

The accessories include a charging base, power adapter, remote control, 2 spare side brushes, 2 mopping fabrics, a HEPA filter, a cleaning tool, a screwdriver, and a 150 ml water tank.

Technical parameters:

  • Noise 67 dB
  • Volume of dust bag or container 0.5 l
  • Energy source cordless (Li-ion)
  • Virtual wall it does not
  • Height from 8 cm
  • Moping Yes
  • Použití robotický vysavač s mopem
  • Mobilní aplikace No
  • Doba provozu na jedno nabití až 120 min
  • Typ navigace Inteligentní navigace
  • Druh podlahy na tvrdé podlahy
  • Druh podlahy na koberce
  • Plánování úklidu Yes
  • Rozeznávání překážek bezdotykové
  • Na zvířecí chlupy Yes