Deep fryer ETA Fricool 1172 90000 stainless

Product code: ETA117290000
Electric deep fryer ETA Fricool for tasty homemady dishes. Includes odour filter, insulated handles and temperature regulation.


Deep fryer ETA Fricool with 1 965 W power input has removable inner bowl with non-stick surface for up to 3 litters of oil.
Temperatures up to 190 ° C can be easily controlled by variable thermostat. Big families will appreciate adjustable stainless steel basket.
Cooking can be controlled through the viewing window. Thanks to the cold zone located below the heating element, food leftovers are not burned what extends the service life of oil.
The fryer can be completely disassembled inclusive the removable heating elements and most of its parts (except panel with heating element) can be washed in a dishwasher.


ETA FRICOOL electric deep fryer

  • Input 1965 W
  • Max. volume of oil - 3 l
  • Dimensions of the frying basket: 20x16x10 cm
  • Fluent temperature regulation with a thermostat
  • Removable frying dish with non-stick surface
  • Odour filter
  • Big and adjustable stainless basket
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher – except the panel with motor
  • Heating spiral immersed in oil
  • Heat insulated handles
  • Can be completely disassembled (incl. removing the heating spiral)
  • Safety heat switch
  • EASY CLEAN feature (easy cleaning thanks to a removable heating body)
  • Colour finish: black / stainless

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package:
  • Weight 4.150
  • Depth 25
  • Height 28
  • Width 44.500
  • Size of product:
  • Weight 3.300
  • Depth 23
  • Height 25.500
  • Width 58.500
  • Nezařazeno:
  • Timer no
  • Display without display
  • Material container non-stick surface
  • The maximum oil content 3 l
  • Window in the lid Yes
  • Removable washable parts pannier
  • Removable washable parts container
  • Removable washable parts handle
  • Removable washable parts cover
  • Temperature regulation Yes
  • Lowering the Trash with an open lid
  • Light signalization Yes
  • Draining oil removable container
  • Container for storage of used oil No
  • Type of cooking oil
  • Power consumption fryer 1965 W