Food Processor ETA Gratus Kuliner 0038 90000

Product code: ETA003890000
Food processor Gratus Kuliner with the power of 1500 W and full equipment for 32 different uses. Together, you will master all the world cuisines.


The food processor ETA Gratus Kuliner (ETA003890000) with full equipment for real kitchen masters. Up to 32 different accessory combinations to allow you create everything you can imagine.

Bigger, stronger and with perfect equipment!
The extreme power of the 1500W motor is set to handle even extreme loads of daily kitchen work. It is therefore important that its body is durable and stable. That's why Gratus Kuliner was designed as an all-metal device.
You can choose from continuous speed control or PULSE function for maximum speed. For comfortable and efficient processing of ingredients, the height of the whisks and hooks can be adjusted exactly as the contents of the bowl requires. The processor has a planetary rotation system that ensures efficient ingredients processing. A safety swivelling arm allows a simple replacement of the attachments and the safety lock prevents the arm from being started inadvertently.
The LCD display will show you the current speed and performance of the processor, as well as the time you can set up to 10 minutes. After the timeout, the processor will switch off automatically. The control wheel has a light indication that distinguishes 2 power levels. At full power, it turns red.
Another indisputable advantage for active users is the very quick assembly, simple operation and easy maintenance with the possibility of washing individual parts in a dishwasher.

Cooking with the Gratus Kuliner food processor will be a child’s play!
The quality stainless steel bowl with a volume of 6.7 l in which you can process more ingredients with the help of a kneading hook, mixing and beating whisks or a special flexi whisk for various kinds of cake mixes, raised doughs, but also toppings, fillings or creams or even mashed potatoes. In short, Gratus Kuliner can do it in a big way.

The 1.4 l glass blender helps you prepare cocktails, smoothies, dips, sauces or cream soups, even liquid pastries, for example for pancakes. It is complemented by a rammer that feeds the ingredients towards the knives and helps to grind them.

With 6 disc graters you can quickly process vegetables to salads, nuts and chocolate for desserts, or rolls to make breadcrumbs.
With the meat mincer you can prepare meat for meatballs, burgers or Bolognese sauce. You choose the roughness of the meat by using 4 mincing plates. With additional extensions, you can create sausage products, Kebbe meat loafs, or conjure 4 types of homemade Christmas cookies.

With a fruit, berry and vegetable press, you can make currant, blueberry, raspberry or cucumber and tomato juice at home, rich in vitamin C, B, D that your body needs not only in the winter freezing season.
A citrus juicer is specially designed to prepare juice of citrus fruits - oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Of course, the package also includes a 0.8 l juice container and a cleaning brush.

To take your everyday portion of fresh vitamins with you, the processor is also equipped with 2 Tritan 600ml and 400ml sports bottles. Tritan is a highly durable material that does not absorb flavours or odours. You can always enjoy the exact combination of flavours you mix. A slim bottle design is made to fit right into your hand. It perfectly fits into car doors and refrigerators.

Do you love Italian cuisine? Then you can make homemade pasta, as delicious as from sunny Italy. Lasagne, Penne, Rigatoni, Ditaloni Rigati, Macheroni, Papperdelle, Srelline, Anellini, Lisce and Ditalini. You can do all this with 5 pasta moulds that are part of a meat mincer.

You can mill wholesome flour not only for pasta, but also pastries, thickeners and desserts in a mill for cereals, legumes and rice. You will appreciate the mill especially in the preparation of gluten-free dishes.
Another gadget is the poppy mill. Like fresh flour, freshly ground poppy has a much stronger and better taste. Your desserts will be perfect.

Great recipes for every accessory can be found in the Food processor - The chef cookbook inside the box. Together you will conjure up the most wonderful dishes for every occasion.


Food Processor

  • Powerful 1500 W motor with stabilizer maintains set speed even under heavy load
  • All-metal design
  • Planetary mixing system
  • Continuous speed regulation
  • Convenient LCD display with speed and time indicator
  • 10-minute timer with automatic shut-off and sound signalisation
  • PULSE function for maximum speed
  • Light signalisation of the maximal input
  • Adjustable height of all attachments in case of smaller amount of ingredients
  • Safety system of a pivoting arm:
  • Non-slip feet ensure greater stability
  • Non-metal parts are dishwasher safe
  • Power cord length 1.2 m
  • Weight of the kitchin robot with no attachments is 9.7 kg

  • Large capacity stainless steel bowl of 6.7 l capacity
  • A transparent lid with an opening to add ingredients while turned on
  • Kneading hook
  • Whipping whisk
  • Mixing whisk
  • Flexi whisk for cremes and soft dough
  • Gluten free hook for gluten free doughs
  • Glass blender 1,4 l
  • A pusher for pressing ingredients closer to the blades
  • Grating attachment with 6 disc graters
  • Gearbox
  • Meat mincer (diameter 62 mm)
  • 4 sizes of mincing discs
  • Attachment for filling sausages
  • Attachment for Kebbe preparation
  • Confectionery former
  • Keys for attaching
  • Fruit, berries and vegetable press
  • Juice container 0,8 l
  • Citrus press
  • Grinder for grains, legumes and rice
  • Poppy seed grinder
  • Pasta rolling attachment (na lasagne, raviolli, cannelloni)
  • Narrow noodles cutter (trenette)
  • Pasta formers (5 types);
  • 2 sport water bottles made of Tritanu (BPA free) with a convenient clip for hanging of a 400 ml and 600 ml capacity

  • Wide noodles cutter (tagliatelle)
  • Dicing attachment
  • Ice-cream attachment

Technical parameters:

  • The volume of the main container 6.7 l
  • Control electronic-button
  • Infinitely variable speed control Yes
  • Pulse switch Yes
  • Features and accessories robot kneading
  • Features and accessories robot shredding
  • Features and accessories robot meat grinder
  • Features and accessories robot mixing
  • Features and accessories robot blender
  • Features and accessories robot filling sausages
  • Features and accessories robot whisking
  • Features and accessories robot hoops candy
  • Features and accessories robot citrus press
  • Features and accessories robot press for fruit
  • Features and accessories robot hoops pasta
  • Features and accessories robot grinder poppy
  • Planetary mixing system Yes
  • Power consumption robot 1500 W
  • Material of dishes stainless