Food Processor ETA Gratus Kalibro 0038 90010

Product code: ETA003890010
Food processor Gratus Kalibro with input 1500 W. You can prepare various meals, with wide range of attachments.


Bigger, stronger, perfectly equipped!
Extraordinarily powerful 1500W motor with stabilizer maintains set speed even under heavy load and thus the food processor ETA Gratus Kalibro will be a reliable partner for different kinds of meals preparation from sauces and doughs to sausage filling. A massive all-metal construction guarantees long lifetime and good stability.

Sausages or doughs, there is no problem
Basic equipment enables the food processor to perform whipping, mixing, kneading, blending, grating, meat mincing, sausages filling, Kebbe preparation, confectionery preparation, and last but not least cutting, crushing and blending.

Well thought out machine
A planetary mixing system takes a good care of more quality and more systematic processing of ingredients. You will surely appreciate fluent speed control for speed and intensity adjustment. Those are just a few features from a long list of Gratus Kalibro´s functions.
Kalibro features a PULSE function for maximal speed. 10-minutes timer with automatic shut-off and sound signalization, a special gluten-free hook with adjustable height ensures more effective processing of ingredients by the bowl´s sides. A mixing whisk with an extended working part ensures more effective processing of ingredients by the bowl´s sides.

Have your meals under control
Food processor ETA Gratus Kalibro is equipped with a convenient LCD display with indicators of speed, power, and time. A light signalization notifies you if the food processor is overloaded. It is not a problem to add ingredients when the food processor is turned on thanks to a transparent bowl´s lid with an opening. All the attachments can be adjusted in an optimal height according to the amount of ingredients. Meat mincer with a pressure plate is equipped with a gasket, which prevents gravy from running out into the inside parts of the pivoting arm.

Put together and take apart within just a few seconds
Assembly of the food processor is very fast, control is user friendly and maintenance is easy. All non-metal parts are dishwasher safe.

Safety is our priority
The food processor is equipped with a thermal fuse, which gets activated when the machine is overloaded and thus it protects the motor from damage. It has also non-slip feet which ensure higher stability and a safety system of the pivoting arm, which enables you to replace attachments. Safety system makes manipulation easier thanks to a lock in an opened position. It also includes protection against unwanted switch-on in the open position.


Food processor ETA Kalibro

  • Powerful 1200 W motor with stabilizer maintains set speed even under heavy load
  • A masive all-metal design ensures long lifetime and greater stability
  • Planetary mixing system for high quality and more systematic processing of the bowl content
  • Continuous speed regulation for optional ingredients processing intensity
  • LCD display with speed, power and time indicator
  • 10 minutes timer with auto shut-off and sound signalisation
  • Light signalisation of reaching maximal input and sound signalisation of timer ending
  • PULSE function for maximum speed
  • Adjustable height of all attachments in case of smaller amount of ingredients
  • Whipping whisk with prolonged part improves ingredients processing by bowl sides
  • A special gluten free hook improves ingredients processing by bowl sides / gluten free dough processing
  • Meat mincer with pressure plate and gasket which prevents gravy from running out into the inside parts of pivoting arm
  • Safety thermal fuse is activeted when the robot is overloaded and thus protects the motor against damage
  • Non-slip feets ensure greater stability
  • Safety system of a pivoting arm:
  • Enables easy replacement of the attachments
  • Contents safety fuse against unwanted switch-on while being tilted off
  • Makes manipulation easier thanks to the safety lock while being tilted off
  • The individual non-metallic parts are dishwasher safe
  • Opening in a bowl´s lid for ingredients to be easily added while the robot is turned on
  • Maximal acoustic noise level is 83 dB(A) re 1pW
  • Power cord length 1.2 m
  • Weight of the kitchen robot with no attachments is 9.7 kg

Basic equipment enables the robot to perform:
  • whipping
  • mixing
  • kneading
  • blending
  • grating
  • meat mincing
  • smoked meat filling
  • meat balls Kebbe preparation
  • confectionery
  • cutting, crushing and blending ingredients finely

  • Large capacity stainless steel bowl of 6.7 l capacity with handles, including a transparent lid (up to 2.5 kg of dough depending on a type)
  • Kneading hook
  • Whipping whisk
  • Mixing whisk
  • Flexi whisk for cremes and soft dough
  • Key for easy optimal attachments adjustment
  • Glass blender 1.4 l (doesn´t absorb smell and colors of ingredients)
  • A pusher for press bigger pieces of ingredients closer to the blending knife and unlocking key
  • Grating attachment with 6 disc graters with protective case + gearbox
  • Meat mincer of 62 mm diameter (4 mincing disc sizes for medium, coarse and extra coarse mincing, attachment for smoked meat, attachment for Kebbe, confectionery decoration nozzle, hopper, pusher)
  • Food chopper

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (not included in the package)
  • 3 attachments to make fresh pasta:
  • Narrow noodles cutter (trenette); ETA 0028 92000
  • Wide noodles cutter (Tagliatelle); ETA 0028 93000
  • Pasta rolling attachment (lasagne, raviolli, cannelloni); ETA 0028 94000
  • Pasta formers (5 types); ETA00 28 97000
  • Dicing attachment ETA 0028 95040, deisgned to be used only with ETA 0028 95030 + gearbox ETA 0028 99999
  • Meat mincer (small; diameter 54 mm); ETA 0028 91010
  • Citrus press; ETA 0028 98020
  • Fruit, berries and vegetable press; ETA 0028 98050
  • Grinder for grains, legumes and rice; ETA 0028 96010 or ETA 0028 96020
  • Poppy seed grinder; ETA 0028 96000
  • Ice-cream attachment ETA 0028 98030

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package:
  • Weight 20
  • Depth 48
  • Height 43.500
  • Width 65
  • Size of product:
  • Weight 17.250
  • Depth 29.500
  • Height 38
  • Width 40.500
  • Nezařazeno:
  • The volume of the main container 6.7 l
  • Control electronic-button
  • Number of speed degrees 8
  • Infinitely variable speed control Yes
  • Pulse switch Yes
  • Planetary mixing system Yes
  • Power consumption robot 1500 W
  • Material of dishes stainless
  • Quality mark dTest No
  • Retro No
  • Accessories in the package kneading hook
  • Accessories in the package mixing whisk
  • Accessories in the package mixer
  • Accessories in the package continuous grinder
  • Accessories in the package transparent bowl cover
  • Accessories in the package whisk
  • Accessories in the package flexi broom
  • Accessories in the package meat grinder
  • Accessories in the package cookie cutter
  • Special features sausage stuffing