Food Processor ETA Gratus Vital II 0028 90092

Product code: ETA002890092
A food processor ETA Gratus Vital II minces meat and grinds poppy seeds, prepares a delicious smoothie, fresh juice and ice-cream.




Gratus Vital II food processor

  • High-performance 1200W engine with a stabilizer keeps set speed even under heavy load
  • Massive all-metal design ensures long service life and good operational stability
  • Planetary mixing system for better and more systematic processing of a bowl content
  • Continuous speed control for selectable speed and intensity of ingredients processing
  • PULSE function for maximum speed
  • Possibility to set the optimum height of all attachments for working with less ingredients in the bowl
  • Innovative beater attachment with extended working part ensures more efficient mixing of ingredients even at bowl walls
  • Special gluten-free hook ensures very good wiping of ingredients from the bowl walls, thus excellent kneading / processing of gluten-free dough is performed
  • Meat mincer with a new pressure plate with a seal to prevent juice leakage into internal parts of the swivel arm of the processor
  • Safety thermal protection activates when the machine is overloaded and protects the motor from destruction
  • Anti-slip feet for greater stability
  • Swivel arm safety system:
  • Allows easy replacement of work attachments
  • Includes safety lock against unintentional start in the open position
  • Facilitates handling thanks to a lock in the fold-out position
  • Possibility of washing individual non-metallic parts in the dishwasher
  • Hole in the bowl lid for easy filling of ingredients
  • Very fast assembly of work attachments, simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Maximum sound level is 82 dB(A) re 1pW
  • Power cable length 1.35 m

The processor has the following default functions:
  • whipping
  • blending
  • kneading
  • mixing
  • grating (grinding, slicing, tearing)
  • meat mincing
  • filling sausages
  • making Kebbe meat tubes
  • extruding machine cookies
  • pressing fruit, berry and vegetables
  • pressing citrus fruit
  • poppy milling
  • making homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • chopping, crushing and blending ingredients to a very delicate consistency

Extensive accessories:
  • Large-capacity 5.5 l stainless steel bowl including a transparent lid (up to 2.5 kg of dough)
  • Kneading hook
  • Whisk
  • Mixing whisk
  • Flexi whisk (for creams and light pastries)
  • Gluten free hook (for gluten-free doughs)
  • Wrench for easy adjustment of the optimum height of attachments in the bowl
  • 1.4 l glass blender (does not absorb the smells and colours of mixed food)
  • Rammer for feeding larger pieces of ingredients into the chopping knife area and a release wrench
  • Grating attachment with 6 disc graters and a protective case + gearbox for optimum speed
  • 62 mm diameter meat mincer (4 sizes of mincing pads, sausage making attachment, Kebbe making attachment, candy mould, rammer, hopper, release wrench)
  • Press for berries, fruit and vegetables (juice bottle 0.8 l, cleaning brush)
  • Citrus juicer
  • Poppy mill
  • Food chopper
  • Attachment for making homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt

  • 3 attachments for making a range of fresh pasta:
  • narrow noodle cutter (Trenette) ETA 0028 92000
  • wide noodle cutter (Tagliatelle) ETA 0028 93000
  • dough rolling attachment (for lasagne, raviolli, cannelloni) ETA 0028 94000
  • Pasta moulds (5 types) ETA 0028 97000
  • Cubes cutting attachment ETA 0028 95040, only applicable with ETA 0028 95030 + ETA 0028 99999 gearbox
  • Meat mincer (small; diameter 54 mm) ETA 0028 91010
  • Grating attachment with 4 graters ETA 0028 95010
  • Grating attachment with 4 graters ETA 0028 95020
  • Mill for cereala, legumes and rice ETA 0028 96010, ETA 0028 96020
  • Knife sharpener; ETA 0028 99010

Technical parameters:

  • Size of package
  • Weight: 20.80 kg
  • Depth: 51.5 cm
  • Height: 40.5 cm
  • Width: 78.0 cm
  • Size of product
  • Weight: 17.42 kg
  • Depth: 29.0 cm
  • Height: 35.0 cm
  • Width: 39.0 cm
  • Nezařazeno
  • The volume of the main container: 5.5 l
  • Control: mechanical-buttonhole
  • Number of speed degrees: 6
  • Infinitely variable speed control: Yes
  • Pulse switch: Yes
  • Planetary mixing system: Yes
  • Power consumption robot: 1200 W
  • Material of dishes: stainless
  • Quality mark dTest: No
  • Retro: No
  • Accessories in the package: kneading hook
  • Accessories in the package: mixing whisk
  • Accessories in the package: mixer
  • Accessories in the package: continuous grinder
  • Accessories in the package: transparent bowl cover
  • Accessories in the package: whisk
  • Accessories in the package: flexi broom
  • Accessories in the package: meat grinder
  • Accessories in the package: cookie cutter
  • Accessories in the package: ice cream maker
  • Accessories in the package: citrus press
  • Accessories in the package: juicer
  • Special features: sausage stuffing