Food-processor ETA Gustus 0128 90000

Product code: ETA012890000
The all-metal ETA Gustus food-processor processes all the ingredients very well and its powerful motor amazes you even at high load.


The ETA Gustus is a food-processor with a very powerful stabilized 1200W motor. Its metal body extends the service life and ensures stability of operation. Whipping, mixing and kneading will now be much easier for you. The planetary mixing system ensures that the contents are processed more systematically and thoroughly, and that dough for your goodies is very well prepared. The extended part of the whipping attachment is also very helpful as it reaches ingredients as far as the walls of the stainless-steel bowl and thus processes the entire content of the container. You can regulate the speed and intensity yourselves.

You will surely appreciate the safeguard which is activated when the appliance is overloaded and thus protects the motor against damage. The swing arm also has its own safety system. When you are replacing the attachments, the safeguard does not allow the appliance to be switched on when the arm is in a lifted position.

The food-processor is compatible with a wide range of optional accessories. With the accessories you will be able to grate, chop, mince meat, mill poppy seeds, make your own pasta or even press fruits or vegetables. With the assistance of the ETA Gustus, there will be nothing in your fantasy´s way.


Food processor GUSTUS

  • Powerful 1200 W motor with stabilizer maintains set speed, even under heavy load
  • Massive all-metal design ensures a long service life and a good stability during operation
  • Effective system of planetary mixing of food
  • Fluent speed regulation for desirable speed and intensity of food processing
  • PULSE function for maximum speed
  • Height-adjustable whisking attachments and hooks
  • The beater with the working section extended ensures that the ingredients are mixed more efficiently, even at the bowl walls
  • Safety thermal fuse triggers when the machine is overloaded and thereby protects the motor against damage
  • Non-skid trims for better stability
  • Safety system against unwanted start of swing arm:
  • Allows easy replacement of working attachments
  • Includes safety fuse against unwanted switch in opened position
  • Easy to handle due to locking fuse in raised position
  • Funnel in the cover for easy substances filling during operation
  • Maximum level of acoustic noise is 83 dB(A) re 1pW
  • Length of the power cord is 1.25 m

The basic version includes these features:
  • whisking
  • mixing
  • kneading

  • Big stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5.5 liters, transparent cover included (up to 2,5 kg dough)
  • Dough hook
  • Whipping whisk
  • Mixing whisk
  • Flexi whisk for making creams and light doughs

Accessories, which can be bought
  • 1.4 l glass blender; ETA012899000
  • Grating attachment with 5 disc graters; ETA002895030 (can be used only with ETA002899999)
  • Cutting attachment cubes; ETA002895040 (can be used only with ETA002895030 + A gearbox ETA002899999)
  • 4x stainless steel drum grater; ETA002895010
  • 4x stainless steel drum grater; ETA002895020
  • A gearbox ETA002899999
  • Meat grinder (diameter 62 mm); ETA002891000
  • Meat grinder (diameter 54 mm); ETA002891010
  • Poppy grinder; ETA 0028 96000
  • Trenette slicer; ETA 0028 92000
  • Tagliatelle slicer; ETA 0028 93000
  • Attachment for rolling dough (lasagna, raviolli, cannelloni); ETA 0028 94000
  • Pasta moulds (ETA 0028 97000); can be used only with ETA 0028 91000
  • Fruits, berries and vegetable press; ETA002898000
  • Citrus fruits press; ETA 0028 98020 (can be used only with ETA002899999)

Technical parameters:

  • The volume of the main container 5.5 l
  • Control mechanical-buttonhole
  • Number of speeds 8
  • Infinitely variable speed control Yes
  • Pulse switch Yes
  • Features and accessories robot kneading
  • Features and accessories robot mixing
  • Features and accessories robot whisking
  • Planetary mixing system Yes
  • Power consumption robot 1200 W
  • Materiál nádoby nerez