Personal scale ETA Helen 2780 90000 body fat

Product code: ETA278090000
The ETA Helen body analyser bathroom scale with a blue display and a memory with data of up to 12 people, with a maximum weight capacity of 180kg, giving you the choice of measurement in kg, lb and st.



Personal body analysis based on 5 parameters - delivered by the ETA Helen bathroom scale. The scale with a maximum weight capacity of 180kg analyses not only the body fat and the amount of water in the body, but also the amount of muscle mass, approximate weight of bones or a recommended KCAL dose for an optimum operation of your body.

As soon as the scale obtains the basic parameters – height, weight, age, sex and biological resistance - you can see your body analysis on a clearly arranged LCD display with blue backlight.

The scale determines the weight immediately, with an accuracy of 100g, and has an automatic switch OFF function. It also indicates an unsuitable location, overloading, abnormal body fat and low batteries. Two AAA batteries are included in the box.


ETA Helen body analyser bathroom scale

  • Maximum weight capacity of 180kg / 396lb / 28st
  • Weight accuracy of 100g
  • Plastic weighing platform
  • Choice of measurement in the following units: kg (kilograms); lb (pounds); st (stones)
  • Measures body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone weight
  • CAL intake function recommends the caloric intake based on the body analysis
  • Determines the weight immediately - all you need to do is stand on the scale which automatically switches the scale ON and you obtain your weight data
  • Possibility of displaying the results of the last measurement of users whose data are stored in the scale
  • Clearly arranged LCD display with blue backlight
  • Switches off automatically after several seconds of being idle
  • Indicator of overloading, indicator of low battery, indicator of an incorrect analysis
  • Anti-slip feet for increased stability on the platform
  • Measuring with the use of 5 input parameters - height, weight, age, sex and biological resistance
  • Data can be stored for up to 12 people (sex, age, height) for the purpose of body analysis which ensures a fast and easy control
  • Sensors for an increased weighing accuracy
  • Easy and hygienic maintenance of the weighing platform
  • Power supply: 2 pcs of AAA batteries (included in the box)

Technical parameters:

  • Weighing accuracy 100 g
  • Index digital
  • Battery type AAA
  • Capacity 180 kg
  • Number of memory locations 12
  • Measurement and analysis energy consumption
  • Measurement and analysis bone mass
  • Measurement and analysis by weight
  • Measurement and analysis muscles
  • Measurement and analysis fat in the body
  • Measurement and analysis water in the body
  • Low battery indication Yes
  • Batteries included Yes
  • Number of batteries 2
  • SMART No
  • Type of personal scales diagnostic