Electric pan ETA Pecenka MINI 1133 90000

Product code: ETA113390000
The ETA Pečenka MINI electric oven saves up to 80% of energy. With a capacity of 3 litres and 475W input power, you can bake, roast, stew and cook.


Traditionally, simply and anywhere – The ETA Pečenka, this time in a MINI design!
Ideal for cooking for 2, or as an assistant to the large ETA Pečenka ETA013390000 or Pečenka MAX ETA013390010 mini electric ovens.

You can make juicy meat with a rich smell and crispy desserts even when you are not at home. How? ETA has a solution for you - the Pečenka mini ETA113390000! Mini electric oven designed for various methods of food preparation classic meat roasting, pasta baking, stewing or cooking. Dishes made in the mini electric oven do not lose their taste, the meat does not get dry and the operation is up to 80% more energy-efficient than that of a regular oven.

Traditional concept in a modern design
The Pečenka mini electric oven pot has a non-stick Teflon surface and a practical unique square shape with a capacity of 3 litres. You will appreciate this shape especially when baking traditional “Honzovy buchty” (cakes with sweet filling). The lid with a stainless-steel edge and special air-vent holes has a convenient glass viewing window. Safe use is ensured by the automatic switch off safeguard which is activated when the lid is removed. The base is stable and the cool-touch handles allow safe operation and handling. The practicality is also enhanced by the 1.5m long power cable. The modern design of the Pečenka ETA mini electric oven fits in any kitchen or cottage.

Do you remember? It has been more than 50 years.
The new ETA Pečenka is a modern product of a high quality which has kept the advantages so appreciated by the generations of our grandmothers and mothers who used to bake traditional “Honzovy buchty” cakes in mini electric ovens - do you remember that time? The lovely smell which wafted across the entire room?
We should not forget such pleasant moments and therefore ETA created the Pečenka series which will return you back and allow you to make these goodies even today, in the comfort of your own home, cottage or on holiday.


Electric mini oven - Mini

  • Traditional way of cooking.
  • Suitable for baking and grilling (meat and fish), preparation of sweet courses, roasting or stewing
  • Dishes made in this mini electric oven do not lose their typical taste and smell, the meat does not get dry
  • High heating efficiency, up to 80% more energy-efficient than a regular oven
  • The lid with a glass viewing window allows you to easily check on the food you are making
  • Original design of the Pečenka-mini is great for any modern kitchen, cottage or halls of residence
  • Fast and efficient heating thanks to the heating element integrated in the lid
  • The pot and the lid feature a non-stick surface (Teflon)
  • Pot capacity: 3 litres
  • Net capacity of the pot: 210 x 210 x 74mm
  • Power switch with operation signals
  • Safeguard against improper assembly will prevent the appliance from switching on if the lid is not seated properly
  • Cool-touch handles for safe operation and easy handing
  • Stable base of the mini electric oven
  • Protective thermal cover of the lid reduces the risk of burns
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Easy-to-remove pot
  • Easy-to-wash surface
  • Very low weight 2.3kg
  • Power cable length 1.5m
  • Low input power of mere 380W

Technical parameters:

  • Timer no
  • Display without display
  • Adjustable temperature no
  • Function pots barbecues
  • Function pots baked
  • Function pots uses the
  • Volume pots/pans 3 l
  • Power consumption pots/pans 380 W