Lithium battery ETA PREMIUM FR03, blister 2 pc

Product code: ETAR03LITH2
Lithium battery, FR03, AAA battery, voltage 1.5V, package 2 pc


ETA lithium batteries - a power source for demanding customers

Compared to conventional alkaline batteries, lithium models provide even higher durability. Their biggest advantage is providing full power even at high current consumption throughout their lifetime. They are great for use in appliances with high energy demands - e.g. digital videocameras and cameras, GPS, walkie-talkies.

Another indisputable advantage of ETA lithium batteries is the guarantee of reliable operation even in extreme temperature conditions. This applies to both high frost and high temperatures above 40 °C. They are perfect as a power source for camera traps.

Choose from a wide range of different types of ETA batteries that you will appreciate especially for their long life and environmental friendliness.


Size AAA battery, FR03
Voltage 1.5 V
Packaging - blister, 2 pc
Model line ETA Lithium Extra

Technical parameters:

  • Weight 0.021
  • Depth 8.200
  • Height 1.300
  • Width 11.100
  • Weight 0.014
  • Depth 1
  • Height 1
  • Width 4.500
  • Battery voltage / battery 1.5 V
  • The number of pack 2 ks
  • Battery type AAA
  • Battery type Lithium