Grill ETA Raclet 4162 90000

Product code: ETA416290000
Electric raclette grill with 7 pans for family barbeques and grilling with an output of 1800W.


The ETA Raclet ETA416290000 electric grill with 1800W output power is ideal for grilling all kinds of meat, fish, vegetables and bread. It consists of two grill levels. Use the top plate for classic grilling and the bottom plate for grilling on pans. You can adjust the temperature yourselves as required. The grill features cool-touch handles so as to make work with the grill easy and, above all, safe.

Mix your raclett pan to suit your taste, cover it with cheese and let it grill. You will thus discover a new category of grilling which you will fall in love with immediately. Each of you can prepare a pan as you please. Not only will you enjoy a delicious dish but you will also have a whale of a time. This fun way of grilling is great with your family or friends who call in to see you or simply any time you feel like it.

The grill plate is made from high-quality material with anti-stick coating which prevents your food from sticking to the plate and makes it easy to wash after use. The grill pans also have a non-stick surface. The box includes 7 pcs - 6 smaller ones and a larger one. They are intended especially for cheese omelettes or for heat treatment of side dishes. The box also includes a groove for collection of grease and gravy from the food you are making. The grill also features a light indicator which indicates operation and achievement of an ideal temperature for the given food.


Raclette grill

  • Quality non-stick grill griddle (ribbed/smooth surface)
  • Grilling area size: 22 x 52 cm
  • Easily washable surface
  • 7 non-stick grilling pans (6 pcs 7 x 7 cm; 1 piece 17 x 16.5 cm)
  • Pans were designed especially for simultaneous heat treatment of different ingredients (cheese, vegetables, eggs etc.)
  • Variable temperature control
  • Fat draining groove
  • Insulated handles (pans) for safe operation and easy handling
  • Non-slip feet ensure stability
  • Safety thermal fuse
  • Light operating and temperature achieving signalization
  • Power cord length 1 m
  • Input 1800 W
  • Ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, bread etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Kind of grilling surface equal
  • Kind of grilling surface rib
  • Number of pans 7 pans
  • Thermostat Yes
  • Thermometer No
  • Using lava stones No
  • Grill construction raclette gril
  • Transport wheels No
  • Removable griddle/grill Yes
  • Display No
  • Wattage electric grill 1800 W
  • SMART No
  • Odkapávací nádobka Yes
  • Mytí grilovací plochy v myčce Yes