Spare head ETA 034890100 k ETA034890000

Product code: ETA034890100
2 spare heads for the ETAx348 electric file for regeneration of strained skin.


The spare head for the ETAx348 electric file eliminates the consequences of high load on feet and hands fast and without pain. It removes rough, horny, cornified and dry skin and leaves the skin nicely soft and velvety.


Spare head

  • Designed for the ETAx348 electric foot and heel file
  • Specially designed for fast, comfortable and painless elimination of undesired rough, horny, cornified, dry and withered skin on feet and hands
  • Your skin will not only be beautiful to the eye, but it will also be nicely soft and velvety to touch
  • Roller with a diameter of 18mm
  • The box includes 2 pcs

Technical parameters:

  • The number of pack 2 ks
  • Type for body care