Travel hair dryer ETA 0320 90020

Product code: ETA032090020
Handy travel hair dryer made in green colour features 120V/230V voltage switchers, 2 options of speed and temperature setting and foldable handle.


90020ETA Rosalia 0320 90020 is high-quality travel hair drier, with which you easily create required hair-style at home and on travel. It features two speeds and temperature levels, as well as concentrator turnable by 360°. You will appreciate practical shape and design, its advantage is ergonomically shaped and tilting handle to achieve good storage capacity. Due to its hinging eye it is always at hand and ready to use. Its input power is 1200 W and you may also adopt it to actual voltage (120 - 230 V) by a switch, so you can use it even overseas. It includes safety protection against overheating.

For additional care for your hair-dress the drier can be supplemented with the ETA Rosalia hot-air goffer in relevant color arrangement, which creates inseparable pair with the drier.


Travel hair dryer Rosalia

  • Voltage switch 120V / 230 V for traveling
  • Ergonomically shaped handle (foldable)
  • 360° rotary concentrator
  • 2 air flow speeds and air temperature
  • Safety fuse against overheating
  • Hanging loop
  • Acoustic noise level of 79 dB (A)
  • Input 1200 W

Technical parameters:

  • Ionizer No
  • Number of speed degrees 2
  • Number of temperature degrees 2
  • Cool air No
  • Type of hair travel hairdryer
  • Diffuser No
  • Max. power input 1200 W
  • Air concentrator Yes
  • Dual travel voltage (115 V / 230 V) Yes