Hair trimmer ETA 4342 90000 ROSS

Product code: ETA434290000
The ETA Ross beard and hair trimmer boasts professional quality, powerful motor, high-quality accumulator, two attachments and an adjustable cut length from 4 to 34mm.


With the ETA Ross trimmer for domestic use of professional-quality, it is a delight to accommodate for all your hair and beard grooming needs.

The high-quality accumulator offers an operating time of up to 45 minutes. The two interchangeable attachments, included in the box, can be easily attached to the trimming head. With these attachments, you can easily adjust the cutting length at ten different levels; from 4 to 34mm.

With the trimmer you can trim hair or groom your beard or moustache.

It can be charged directly, or through a practical base, and the charging status and full charge status is indicated by signal lights.

Further advantages include its practical shape and design, easy control and maintenance. Accessories also include a brush for cleaning, charger adapter, practical charging stand, lubricating oil for the blades and a comb.


Beard and hair trimmer

  • Professional quality for domestic use
  • Long operating time of approx. 45 min.
  • Powerful motor which delivers smooth trimming
  • High-quality 2.4V NiMH battery
  • Cutting length adjustment at 10 different levels from 4mm to 34mm
  • Beard and moustache grooming
  • Trimming function
  • Charging through an AC power adapter
  • Signal lights indicating the charging status and full charge status
  • Practical shape and design
  • Easy control and simple maintenance
  • Easy attachment and replacement of accessories
  • Practical ON/OFF switch
  • 5-position knob for fast adjustment of the cutting length

2 types of interchangeable attachments:
  • Two interchangeable attachments can be easily attached to the trimming head

  • Cleaning brush for easier maintenance
  • Charger adapter
  • Lubricating oil for the blades
  • Comb
  • Practical charging stand

Technical parameters:

  • The operating time 45 min
  • Energy source cordless (Ni-Mh)
  • Charging time 8 hrs
  • Battery type Ni-MH battery
  • Type of trimmer hair cutter
  • Type of trimmer beard trimmer
  • Use and maintenance non washable
  • Number of batteries 2
  • Number of attachments in the package 2
  • Cutting without attachment Yes