Electrical spiralizer ETA Spiro Vital 009490000

Product code: ETA009490000
The ETA Spiro Vital spiralizer can easily make healthy vegetable spaghetti with a high vitamin content for your healthier diet.


Healthy cooking full of vitamins
The Spiro vital is yet another pioneer in healthy diet. Vegetable spirals are a healthy alternative to side dishes such as noodles or spaghetti. You can serve them instead of rice or potatoes. They are great for salads or as vegetable noodles in your soup. In short, they are great for any menu, be it weight reducing, vegetarian, RAW or paleo menu, or just a new side dish to spice up your diet.

Eat with your eyes as well taste
A different shape of your dishes will not only bring their appearance to a higher level but, what is more important, it will enhance their taste as well. You will see your favourite vegetables, and even vegetables you do not fancy that much, in a whole new light. You´ll be thrilled!
Are your children not that fond of vegetables? Show them the vegetable goodies in a playful way and you´ll see they´ll take to it.

Playful curves of a healthy life-style
From your fruit and vegetables, the ETA Spiro vital (ETA009490000) with 80W power and 3 attachments with high-quality stainless-steel blades can conjure up vitamin-packed spirals of various shapes and thickness. The first attachment makes 5 x 2.5mm narrow spirals, the second one makes 9x 2.5mm spirals and the third one makes round spirals with a diameter of 2mm. The blades are really easy to replace and maintain. The individual parts are dishwasher safe. You can relish vitamin-packed goodies with little effort.

It comes complete with a 0.5 litre container for the spirals you make. It is sufficiently large to fit in spirals made from larger fruit or vegetable pieces. You can make them in no time e.g. from courgette, pumpkin, beetroot, potatoes, carrot, pear or apple.

Spice up your healthy goodies with a spiral shape, top it with a bit of your own creativity and then just savour their delicious taste.


Electrical spiralizer

  • Designed for making spirals from various kinds of vegetables
  • Practical helper to prepare RAW food diet
  • Large opening to insert large pieces
  • High quality stainless steel knifes
  • Knife can be dismounted for easy cleaning
  • Very quick and simple preparation
  • Space for power cord winding
  • Anti-slip feet for stability on the working desk
  • Declared noise level 75 dB(A) re 1pW
  • Low input 80 W

  • Attachment for narrow spirals (5 x 2.5 mm)
  • Attachment for wide spirals (9 x 2.5 mm)
  • Attachment for round spirals (average 2 mm)
  • Pusher
  • Plastic working container

Technical parameters:

  • Control electronic-button
  • Number of speed degrees 1
  • Infinitely variable speed control No
  • Pulse switch No
  • Features and accessories robot shredding
  • Features and accessories robot production spirals
  • Planetary mixing system No
  • Power consumption robot 80 W