Manual Espresso Machine ETA Storio 6181 90020

Product code: ETA618190020
Espresso coffee machine in slim design with pump pressure up to 20 bar and steam wand


A manual coffee machine in retro design of ETA STORIO collection will make you fall in love with it on the first sight. Your other senses will be appealed to by wonderful smells and delicious taste of professionally prepared coffee.

Coffee under your direction
A coffee machine ETA Storio feels your desires – it allows you to prepare one or two cups of espresso, moreover, you can also set an individual size of coffee (25-60 ml for one cup, 60-110 ml for two cups). Its other features ensure that the result is perfect every time. The right temperature is being taken care of thanks to a heating system Thermoblock of the top quality. Water system cooling function will be appreciated especially when you will want to prepare coffee right after you use a steam wand.

This elegant coffee maker is designed to be used with ground coffee. Overpressure stainless steel double-bottomed filter baskets and up to 20 bar pump pressure make from ground coffee a delicious espresso like from a professional barista within just a few seconds. It´s final form can be modified thanks to a hot water function or a milk froth which you can easily create with a steam wand. Thus, you can treat yourself with cappuccino or latte every time.

For even better experience you can use a cup warming plate – coffee in warm cups is more aromatic and tastes better.

Learn how to make the most delicious espresso or latte macchiato with ETA videos!
Espresso - Watch this video!
Latte macchiato - Watch this video!

Every click on a button is signalized with a light sound. There is a transparent, easy-to-refill water tank on the backside. Overpressure and thermal safety system ensure safe operation. A thermometer placed in front indicates current temperature of water in the heating system and moreover, it´s stylish.

Design and functionality in every kitchen
You will fall in love with this appliance thanks to its compact size. It can fit even into the smallest kitchen as the width is 14.5 cm. Stainless steel design guarantees high endurance, and automatic shut-off function after 25 minutes takes care of energy efficiency.

Tamping measure spoon and two stainless steel filter baskets are included (for 1 or 2 cups).

You can complete the manual coffee machine ETA STORIO also with other appliances from ETA STORIO collection.


Espresso coffee machinne

  • intended to be used only with ground coffee
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Aluminium portafilter and 2 overpressure stainless steel doublebottom filters
  • Hot water function for hot beverages preparation
  • Option of 1 or 2 cups
  • Individual cup size setting
  • Steam wand for milk froth preparation
  • Removable tranpsarent water tank to control water level
  • Safe operation thanks to the overpressure and thermal fuse
  • Water system cooling function
  • Cup-warming plate
  • Slim design - width 14.5 cm
  • Water tank capacity 750 ml
  • Input 1350 W
  • Pump pressure max. 20 Bar
  • Power cord lengtth 0.75 m
  • Elegant stainless steel design

Accessories included:
  • Tamping measure spoon
  • 2 stainless steel filter basket (one-cup, two-cups size)

Technical parameters:

  • Grinder No
  • Heated cups Yes
  • Adjusting coffee strength No
  • Adjustable temperature of the coffee No
  • The volume of the water tank 0.75 l
  • Removable water tank Yes
  • Performance espresso lever
  • Nozzle for hot water Yes
  • The steam nozzle Yes
  • Type table
  • Milk dispenser No
  • Pump pressure 20 bar
  • Ground coffee Yes
  • Using coffee beans No
  • Cappuccino and Caffe Latte by one press No
  • Color black
  • Display No
  • Power consumption espresso 1350 W
  • SMART No
  • Use of capsules Capsules can not be used
  • Preparation of two cups at the same time Yes
  • Retro Yes