Electric Kettle ETA 9186 90020 Storio

Product code: ETA918690020
A black stainless steel kettle ETA Storio with a capacity of 1.7 l with removable filter sieve, light indicator and unique but modern retro design.


ETA918690020 Retro stainless steel electric kettle from Storio collection
Discover the beauty of a combination of a modern machine in a retro design. Storio products will make every kitchen special with their ageless look.

The 1.7 l ETA Storio kettle with an elegant retro black design is equipped with a safety thermal fuse, automatic shutdown system activated after reaching a boiling point, STRIX contact system and an operation light indicator.

There is also a backlit watermark on the back side that shows the water level at first glance. The kettle in a retro style can be also practical. The ETA Storio has space for a power cord in the base and its length can be customized as needed.

Its rounded shapes and easily accessible parts make it easier to maintain. With a removable and washable filter in the spout your kettle will be perfectly clean.


Stainless electric kettle

  • Input: 2150 W
  • Capacity: 1,7 l
  • Automatic shut-off after reaching the boiling point
  • Triple safety system activates the safety fuse in danger of overheating, running idle or taking away from the stand
  • Hidden heating element under a flat bottom for easy maintaining
  • Central conector STRIX for easy placing on the stand
  • Stylish lighting of the watermark when the kettle is on
  • Thanks to a convenient watermark, it is possible to easily control the water level
  • Easily removable and washable filtration sieve prevents limescale deposition
  • Easy lid opening thanks to a button on a handle
  • Space in the stand for power cord winding accrding to your needs
  • Easy surface maintenance thanks to rounded and well accessible kettle parts

Technical parameters:

  • Filter washable
  • Filter removable decalcifying
  • Base center connector - 360 °
  • Temperature regulation No
  • Water quantity indicator Yes
  • Thermometer No
  • Type of heating hidden heating spiral - flat bottom
  • Travel No
  • Material stainless steel
  • Color black
  • Volume kettle 1.7 l
  • Wattage kettles 2150 W
  • Retro Yes
  • Digital temperature indicator No