Steam iron ETA Viento 2284 90020

Product code: ETA228490020
The ETA Viento steam iron with Eloxium soleplate and a unique double-chamber steam system provides excellent ironing results even with overdried laundry.


The ETA Viento high performance iron (2200W) guarantees fast heating of the soleplate and efficient steam output for excellent ironing results. Its Eloxium premium soleplate provides immediate heat conductivity and optimum heat distribution across the entire soleplate. Easy gliding, non-stick and scratch-resistant. This makes it suitable even for more demanding materials.

The iron features a unique in-built steam system with 2 independent chambers. One chamber is designed for classic steaming of laundry across the soleplate. The other chamber provides a shot of steam which comes out only from the tip of the soleplate. As the shot of steam is very strong it makes it possible to iron even overdried laundry quickly and with excellent results. The temperature and amount of steam can be smoothly adjusted based on the type of fabrics you are ironing. Steam can even be switched off altogether for dry ironing.


Steam iron ETA 2284-20 Viento

  • ELOXIUM soleplate – this unique soleplate is created by controlled oxidation of alluminium; this gives many special features to iron such as higher scratch resistance, excellent sliding and thanks to perfect heating features, iron is able to reach high temperatures in a short time, which classifies this iron as one of the most energy saving irons
  • DOUBLE-CHAMBER STEAM SYSTEM for extra strong and continuous steaming; steam boost does not influence variable steaming
  • a) first chamber ensures variable steam output from the whole soleplate
  • b) second chamber provides very strong steam boost which comes from the front part of the soleplate
  • INPUT 2 200 W – this above standard input ensures fast reach of operational temperature, more efficient steam production and minimizes temperature variantions during the ironing process
  • Capacity of the water tank 300 ml – ensures balance between the sufficient amount of water and weight of the iron for comfortable ironing
  • Optional TEMPERATURE and STEAM INTENSITY – due to variable temperature and steam intensity control it is possible to iron many types of textiles according to their current form
  • Steam shock max. 150 g/min
  • Variable steam output 0 - 40 g/min

  • VERTICAL STEAM function ensures the possibility of vertical steaming without any contact with the soleplate
  • DRIP STOP function against unwanted dripping of water from the soleplate which protects soft textiles against damaging
  • ANTI CALC function prevents the sedimenting of limescale which extends the service life of the iron
  • SELF CLEAN system for easy and comlete cleaning of internal parts of the iron
  • SPRAYING function for wetting tough and pressed textiles

  • Power cord length 2 m
  • Possibility of dry ironing
  • Easy and fast water filling due to practical filling hole and funnel
  • Temperature achieving signalization
  • Stable stand for storing the iron aside
  • A groove on the soleplate for easy ironing around buttons
  • Possibility of power cord winding around the iron for easy storing
  • Pivoting power cord extension and joint for easy ironing
  • Modern and elegant design

Technical parameters:

  • Safety shutdown No
  • Length of cable 2 m
  • The volume of the reservoir (water) 300 ml
  • Descaling Yes
  • Protective cover No
  • Steam boost 150 g/min
  • Self-cleaning Yes
  • Vertical steaming Yes
  • The anti-drip Yes
  • Ironing area Eloxium
  • Type irons steaming with cable
  • Power 2200 W
  • Sprinkler function Yes
  • Variable steam up to 40 g/min